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Reviewed by vandrist 8

A direct look on how the rise of Carbon in the atmosphere is directly affecting climate change. Narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, and explained by expects from across the world, this documentary goes in depth to describe how this is affecting the world we are living in, how it contributes to more severe natural disaster and is leading towards mass extinctions in our future. A sequel to Leo's "Before the Flood", Which is just as eye opening, it's worth a watch to be able to see how far we've come and what we have to do to save the planet before it's too late. A must watch!!!

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Reviewed by holliejwagner 10

At a time when climate science is being all-too-often renounced as a hoax, and widening economic inequality is continuing to jeopardize people's quality of life, Ice on Fire offers innovative solutions that address both preeminent issues simultaneously. By featuring cutting edge, solutions-oriented research that not only boasts significant and fast-acting carbon sequestration, but that also contains the capability of generating profit, scientists are instead envisioning a more pragmatic, bases loaded approach to sustainable solutions that even a more skeptical and conservative audience, whose primary concerns are job creation and profitability, can buy into. One of the unique ways this film bridges the accessibility gap found in many science-heavy documentaries is through it's highlighting of relatable innovators whose stories and efforts can be understood by anyone. Most notable are the tales of two farmers who are transforming their respective industries by bringing environmentally sustainable solutions to traditionally working class practices; Iatef Vita's urban farming amidst the concrete jungles of LA and Bren Smith's kelp and shellfish farming along the shores of the East Coast are two examples that could be affordably implemented and highly impactful in a myriad of ways from boosting local economies to improving community health. Ice on Fire as a whole paints a hopeful vision of collaborative solutions to our impending ecological crisis through Mehmedinovic's striking cinematography and Connors' incisive direction.

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Reviewed by vcstamper 10

I have to say that in the world that we currently reside I am experiencing a huge amount of overwhelming doom, maybe even a constant existential crisis regarding the global climate situation. It feels crushing, and it SHOULD because of the severity of what we are facing.<br/><br/>Ice on Fire takes a different, and I would say, more important approach to how we will potentially and actually deal with the Herculean task of slowing down global warming. With incredible and committed minds focusing on technologies and strategies, Ice on Fire is far from gloomy. On the contrary, I left the movie with an overwhelming feeling of hope, and a passion to see what *I* could personally do, contribute to, study and research to participate in the solution. That felt like a gift, the lifting off of my (and so many other people who are committed to addressing the dangerous present and catastrophic future of climate change) shoulders the burden of powerlessness. We are NOT powerless.<br/><br/>We CAN do something. This documentary opens the critical dialog of what we need to be thinking about and acting on NOW, with a sharp eye to even more effective ways of taking responsibility for slowing down global climate change. THANK YOU for making this film, and at such an important moment in our history. Thank you.<br/><br/>I would like to add a special nod to the intensely beautiful cinematography. This world is irreplaceable, and seeing SO many beautifully diverse places on our planet made me cry at the potential of it&#39;s loss to all of us. Human beings are steering this ship, and every other inhabitant---who, unlike humans---cannot stand up and fight for it&#39;s protection. It is OUR responsibility, and we have HOPE of making the changes necessary to save our planet.

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