I Like Me


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Reviewed by jhenn100 10

I came across this film and was pleasantly surprised! The characters were really fun and quirky and crazy but a good kind of crazy! The actors did a phenomenal job and carrying the story and the script was well written. Good, funny dialogue! I definitely recommend this movie. Super enjoyable!

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Reviewed by dland-64082 10

Quite entertaining! The writing team created a clever plot! Great acting by Sue Schaffel and Anna Fagan! Worth watching.

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Reviewed by trent-26676 10

When I originally stumbled upon this little film I wondered how it would be with such a modest budget. I was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality, of not only the film but of the actors/actresses themselves. The chemistry is beautiful, and I felt as if I was watching a real family experiencing real situations. I look forward to seeing more from this creative group!

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