I Am Mother


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by lynsieharris 8

Fans of Ex Machina and other cerebral sci-fi movies will find another favorite here. The lead actress makes a stunning debut and carries the film, with Hilary Swank in a supporting role. The film constantly has you changing allegiances, unsure of who to trust. The finale is super satisfying.<br/><br/>For the commenter wondering why there are reviews already, I Am Mother premiered at Sundance and has probably been viewed by at least ~1,000 people by this point- myself included.

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Reviewed by bmaughan-51464 9

The sets, the effects, the performances all come together in a truly great way. It&#39;s one of those movies with a small scale set and limited cast that puts the focus on these character relationships. It does not play out the way you would think. It makes you think about big ideas. I loved it.

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Reviewed by rob-35743 7

This was certainly one of the most fun experiences I had at Sundance. The film is original, ambitious, beautiful, and moving. Acting is fantastic. It quickly became one of my favorite smart Sci-fi films.

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