Hostel: Part III


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Reviewed by Andrew Gold 6

Hostel is one of the most baffling horror franchises I&#39;ve ever seen. For one, it&#39;s easy to lump the movies into the &quot;torture porn&quot; category, and that was my initial reaction after seeing the first one, but the more I think back on it, the more I appreciate what it was going for. It&#39;s an admittedly smart movie, as was Part II (which was basically Hostel with a female cast), that showed how ignorance and gullibility can lead to serious consequences. <br/><br/>Hostel: Part III is radically different from the first two though. First of all, it doesn&#39;t take place in Slovakia - it&#39;s in Las Vegas. It&#39;s also not nearly as heavy on gore as its predecessors. It centers around a group of friends led by a 99 cent version of Brandon Routh, and he&#39;s about to get married so his entourage decide to throw him a bachelor party in Vegas before things start going awry. What I liked about this movie is that it didn&#39;t follow the same formula as the first two parts. The torture in this entry isn&#39;t done in private quarters. Rather, it&#39;s done publicly in front of the rich clients who are able to choose the form of torture with a &quot;wheel of death&quot; of some sort. It&#39;s a great premise, but I would have liked to see it expounded on a bit more. <br/><br/>The characters are actually likable this time around. They have tangible chemistry and oddly enough the most amusing scene in the movie is when they&#39;re all together in a casino just hanging out being dudes. Mike is the comic relief of the group and has some genuinely funny lines, paired with the actor&#39;s spot on portrayal of a slimy douche whose only interest is getting lucky. Unfortunately, he doesn&#39;t get nearly enough screen time. The disabled character was an interesting idea, but like most aspects of the movie, wasn&#39;t executed to its full potential.<br/><br/>The movie itself has plenty of fake outs and twists that will catch you off-guard, and they don&#39;t feel thrown in for the sake of it - they&#39;re actually pretty clever and keep you invested in the story. Something that surprised me was the movie&#39;s third act. After a droning second act, things kick into high gear with an action thriller esque finale that&#39;s both exciting and interesting because you actually care and root for the main character. It&#39;s a lot of fun and a pleasant change of pace from the downbeat final acts of the first two Hostels.<br/><br/>Again, the biggest thing going against Hostel: Part III is the fact that it promises potential but doesn&#39;t entirely deliver. I&#39;d put it on par with the previous entries quality-wise, with an exciting third act that elevates the film&#39;s enjoyable payoff. I&#39;d like to see another Hostel in the future that continues in this direction but the fact that this was direct-to-video gives little hope to that notion. Regardless, if you saw the first two there&#39;s no reason not to give Part III a shot - it may surprise you.

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Reviewed by Paul Knoop 7

Hostel 3 has absolutely no reference to Eli Roth. That&#39;s the first hint you get that this probably isn&#39;t exactly the sequel you are hoping for.<br/><br/>The movie sets about the same story that was featured in the previous 2 parts only this time uses actors and actresses who aren&#39;t exactly gifted. I&#39;ve seen my fair share of horror, good and bad, and this definitely qualifies as a bad movie.<br/><br/>The acting is poor, the story a quick rehash of the stuff we&#39;ve already seen and once the gore hits its actually uninspired and with a total lack of anxiety for us as viewers.<br/><br/>You&#39;d be better off looking at &quot;A Lonely Place To Die&quot; or &quot;Kill List&quot;. Im sorry for everyone involved, but in short: avoid!

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Reviewed by djkbee 6

Let me start by saying I&#39;m a huge fan of Hostel 1 &amp; 2 along with the Saw franchise etc. OK so i first saw Hostel 3 available in my local Tesco store on DVD. I couldn&#39;t believe my eyes... another Hostel film?! Why hadn&#39;t i even heard about this. Being an avid IMDb user i immediately looked it up when i got home and was gutted to see so many bad reviews about it. I was instantly put off and thought &quot;ok i won&#39;t bother with this one.&quot; Hearing Eli Roth had not directed it either was a major blow to me and i instantly forgot about it. A few days later i came across a Hostel DVD box set of all 3 movies for a tenner. I was gob smacked seeing that 3 had only just recently come out and was £13 in my local Tesco store! I snapped up the box set off of Amazon and thought well at least iv&#39;e got all 3 of them for a tenner and one day i might watch part 3.<br/><br/>When the box set arrived i still didn&#39;t check out part 3 due to the bad reviews i have heard and the amount of slating going on about it. It was a week later on a boring rainy afternoon that i thought what the hell let&#39;s see how bad this really is. I said to myself i&#39;ll watch half hour and if it really is that awful i will turn it off and never go there again.<br/><br/>Hostel 3 in my opinion given the chance will keep you watching beyond the half hour point. The movie opens up with a twist fairly near the start that i didn&#39;t see coming for such an &quot;awful&quot; movie. I actually really enjoyed the first half hour and didn&#39;t think about turning it off. The first say 45mins of the film is all leading up to that big first kill... i expected a kill a lot sooner but never the less the story and build up kept me hooked. <br/><br/>The first kill was Hostel worthy without a doubt.... I&#39;ve seen this first kill get slated on other reviews saying it was unrealistic or not gory enough etc I disagree and think it would meet the needs of those looking for that Hostel style kill.... i say no more about that.<br/><br/>My gripe is with Hostel 3 is that i wish Eli Roth had directed it... if he had taken this idea on and executed it his way then i wouldn&#39;t have found the 2nd half of the film as disappointing as i did. I loved the first half of the movie and the first kill but it seemed to go a bit downhill from there. The second kill was weak in my opinion and it&#39;s the twists and turns in the movie&#39;s second half that kept me interested rather then the kills. I gave this movie an honest 6 but i did enjoy it. It&#39;s hard when your competing against the first 2 Hostels but i certainly think it deserves more then 5 for the effort. The storyline is engaging, there&#39;s twists and turns you wont see coming and there&#39;s a gory kill (the first one). I think the ending along with the second half of the movie was a let down gore wise and after all this is what Hostel is supposed to be about... imaginative gory kills. But don&#39;t completely write it off as i did. It&#39;s deffo worth a watch if your a Hostel fan. ;0

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