Horror and Hamsters


Comedy / Horror

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Reviewed by jeremiebousquet 1

Watching this movie can severely damage your brain and confidence in humanity.Introduction is terrible. Then 1st sketch is useless. 2nd is worse.Then during several minutes a hamster has fun in a doll house. It's so boring it feels like hours. But hamsters actually act better than humans in this movie.Then ridiculous sketches follow ridiculous hamsters.Purgatory is probably funnier.Avoid.

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Reviewed by SashaDarko 7

A cute and warm comedy horror movie. It's more like a sketch show rather than a horror anthology. It's not really funny, but it's interesting to watch and acting was quite...lively. The hamster scenes are really great, too.

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Reviewed by SpecialWeirdo101 10

Mixing hamsters and horror?? WTF? This movie are built up of shorter segments or stories if you like, seperated by a short clip with cute fluffy hamsters in various settings.But hell yeah, it works out nicely. Its not a problem to see its a B movie, or even a C movie, but as the directors lost their director virginity with this movie, you should yhink &quot;WOW! This is their first movie? AMAZING&quot;Some of the actors are in more than one segment, and they do a good job.The directors is doing acting, lighting catering, makeup, audiorecording and &quot;80 other jobs&quot; as it says in the credit.Even Ray Besharah are director for one story. Some of the stories are a bit difficoult to understand the first time you watch them, but there are no reason not to watch this movie again :)<br/><br/>AND the Hamsters?? They are amazing too :)<br/><br/>PS; This is NOT a movie for children to watch alone, its some killing and gore in it. Ohhh, even a couple of boobs, but better with boobs than killing if you ask me....

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