Hooking Up


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by thebumm-1 7

I enjoyed it. It&#39;s pretty straightforward, has some great bits, and takes the A Lot Like Love approach to the romcom. The title more than indicates that. The true value is the two leads. They carry the load well.<br/><br/>Sam Richardson is an absolute joy to watch no matter the project so if the only thing you take from this movie is &quot;I gotta watch more of this guy&quot; then it&#39;s a success. He made Detroiters, he was in Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates, and probably best known for Veep, but he pops up Spy and The Office too. He&#39;s hilarious, so even in this movie where it could be a by-the-book rom-com road trip movie, he&#39;s elevating the script.<br/><br/>Brittany Snow is far more well-known at this point because of the Pitch Perfect series, but she&#39;s a little against type here, in my opinion. The movie starts playing Sam&#39;s character as a more redeemable guy with a few flaws, and Brittany&#39;s characters as an irredeemable girl with a few likeable traits and moves toward the center a bit with both. She probably has the most character development in the movie and she does a great job pulling it off.<br/><br/>As I said, it won&#39;t blow you away with originality, but it&#39;s got some humor, the two leads work well together, and of course has the lesson at the end. I&#39;d watch it again with some friends no question.<br/><br/>PS - The racist posts about interracial relationships are pretty obviously stuck in the early 90s. Update your complaints, kids.

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Reviewed by nobigdata 1

The movie was slow and boring with a poor message. Its a gross flick for sure and I have no idea why it was made.<br/><br/>When you sleep with that many people you should not be celebrated, you should have your head examined and a quarantine put on your body.<br/><br/>SAD flick!

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Reviewed by pmedema 10

I enjoyed this very much. RomCom of normal enjoyment but gave a 10 to counter the other troll reviews.

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