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Reviewed by rugle111 5

I've read some of the reviews, here, but I couldn't disagree more; the conversations or attempt at them was strained at best. I could not believe the chemistry at all.

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Reviewed by santababyinc 7

About half of the dialogue was believable, the other half was cheesy or unrealistic. I like Lori Loughlin as an actress, but the character in this movie was written super shallow. The best part of the movie was the play by play of the cookie exchange.

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 9

Lori Loughlin and Victor Webster are seasoned veterans of the Hallmark style of movies and it shows in this one. Either the witty dialogue was perfect for these two, or these two were perfect for this dialogue, but maybe it was both. There were several moments throughout with some light humor. The cookie exchange was perfect.<br/><br/>The story had several well used devices for a Christmas movie, so there was nothing surprising in that, but even so it was a decent story and it was put together smoothly.<br/><br/>I do have one minor complaint which is very common in this type of movie - more than one character did a 180 so fast it made my head spin.

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