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Reviewed by edwingierstberg 9

A very good documentary made by the daughter of Dutch banker Frans Afman; Rozemyn Afman. Frans Afman together with legendary movie producer Dino De Laurentiis came up with a new way to finance (independent) movies in the 80's. The impact of their new financing approach on the movie business was tremendous and still is. At a fast pace and in a loving and intimate way Rozemyn Afman takes the viewer on a journey into the spectacular life of her father. Her admiration for her father is quickly shared by the viewer. The way Hollywood stars like Kevin Costner, Oliver Stone, MIchael Douglas and so on, talk about Frans Afman and the appreciation and respect they all have for him is striking. This man has made it possible for great films to appear on the big screen, for the world to enjoy. This unique insight in the way movies are financed, in combination with the personal touch Rozemyn adds, delivers an interesting, entertaining and well made homage to her remarkable father.

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Reviewed by davesnell75 9

I really really enjoyed this. Well made, informative, industry legend contributors and above all a fascinating story about one of the good guys of Hollywood. Wish there were more like him.

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