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Reviewed by Dgoldyn 8

Caught this movie on the Black Entertainment Network while<br/><br/>flipping channels. It was a pleasant surprise!!! Entertaining! Funny<br/><br/>and heart tugging all at once.<br/><br/>When a young girl cries for help for her mom who is being beaten<br/><br/>up by her boyfriend, the only one to help is a drag queen--Holiday<br/><br/>Heart-- who packs a punch. He befriends the duo taking them to<br/><br/>his home and they become a family in spite of their differences.<br/><br/>All is well until another man comes along putting a rift between the<br/><br/>mother and Holiday. Then Drugs pull the mom away from the<br/><br/>family.<br/><br/>I found Holiday;s need for a family heartbreaking and truthful--and<br/><br/>it was an incredible portrayal. Also great are Alfre Woodward and<br/><br/>the young girl.<br/><br/>There are a couple of holes in the plot but this story of a drag<br/><br/>queen with a heart of gold really packs an emotional wallop. What<br/><br/>a sleeper. Highly recommended

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Reviewed by Guess_Whooooom2002 10

I have watched this film numerous times. I have done so because this movie is wonderful, it teaches honesty, love, understanding and forgiveness. It also places emphasis on how to be a friend and open minded in the time of adversity. This movie is heart warming, sad, happy and very much entertaining. Being different only adds to the mystique of being an individual. This movie teaches us that we must be there when needed and that someone will be there we they are needed. DON&#39;T JUDGE...LISTEN TO WHAT THEIR HEART IS SAYING!!! As Holiday says: &quot;Honey, we all have a story to tell&quot;...and we do.<br/><br/>Listen...Understand...Know!!! <br/><br/>Please take the time to enjoy this wonderful movie!

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Reviewed by Lo-Baby 10

Upon seeing &quot;Holiday Heart&quot; last night, I was left with a heartwarming feeling. A slightly unusual Christmas tale, but very well done. As in any movie, there were certain parts that were less than realistic (Social Services would&#39;ve been all over this situation) and I would&#39;ve liked to have seen a little more development of the relationship between all the characters, but as I usually say, I don&#39;t watch movies for reality, I watch them for entertainment or escape. I&#39;ll watch A&amp;E, Discovery, and The Learning Channel for reality television.<br/><br/>The always-enjoyable Ving Rhames looked a little uncomfortable portraying a drag queen at first, but was impressively camping it up by the end of the film. There was a fine supporting cast as well, especially the exceptional Alfre Woodard as the mother who struggles with her drug addiction. Jesika Reynolds did a fine job in this role as the heartbroken daughter, and Mykelti Williamson was excellent as usual as Silas. Kudos to Robert Townsend for a lovely and slightly surprising story.<br/><br/>All in all, if you have a chance to watch this movie, I highly recommend it! You&#39;ve got to give Ving Rhames credit for being in full drag on stage lip-synching &quot;Baby love, my baby love...&quot; Showtime delivers another &quot;No Limits&quot; performance.

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