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Reviewed by Aaron1375 1

No matter how you look at this movie, it is just awful.<br/><br/>If you view it as a horror, then it is an unscary movie with the monsters being hand puppets.<br/><br/>If you look at it as a comedy, then you will notice most of the humor falls flat and is just lame.<br/><br/>If it is a romance you will wonder why a guy would stay with such a B**ch!<br/><br/>If you look at it as an action you can&#39;t really pull for the whiny hero.<br/><br/>As you can see this movie just fails to deliver anything remotely entertaining. As mentioned the monsters are obvious puppets and this film was another attempt at a Gremlins type movie. This however has the worst looking monsters of that genre. Critters looked pretty good, so did the Ghoulies, heck even the puppets from the Munchies looked better than these. The characters in this film are thouroughly unlikable. The hero is a whiney security guard, his girlfriend is always complaining, they have a tramp friend who has a jerk military boyfriend, and another friend who is a spaz. At one point in the movie the hero and the military guy fight with rakes...this movie is just utterly stupid. I like the scene when they are in the dreaded club scum (which is obviously not a club, but more likely a diner) and the hero tells the waitress that none of them are 21. Give me a break, I am 25 and I look younger than any of them.

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Reviewed by vierlix 2

So there&#39;s an old security guard and a guy who dies and then there&#39;s KEVIN, the world&#39;s biggest wuss. Kevin wants to impress his incredibly insensitive, bratty, and virginal girlfriend AMY. As he returns from work to... a random house... he finds his &quot;friends,&quot; the sexually confusing red-shorted KYLE and the truly revolting sluttish DAPHNE. They are soon joined by Daphne&#39;s boyfriend, the trigger-happy sex-crazed macho lunkhead NICK. And there&#39;s the title creatures, horrid little dogeared puppets who kill people by giving them their heart&#39;s desire. Kyle&#39;s heart&#39;s desire is to mate with a creepy, yucky woman in spandex. Nick&#39;s heart&#39;s desire is to throw grenades in a grade school cafeteria-- I mean nightclub. Kevin&#39;s heart&#39;s desire is to beat up a skinny thug with nunchucks. Amy&#39;s heart&#39;s desire is to be a disgusting slut. Daphne&#39;s already a disgusting slut, so she doesn&#39;t have a heart&#39;s desire. Along the way a truly hideous band sings a truly odd song. The hobgoblins randomly go back to where they came from then blow up. &quot;Citizen Kane&quot; cannot hold a candle to this true masterpiece of American cinema.

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Reviewed by Gislef 2

If movies like Ghoulies rip off Gremlins, then Hobgoblins sinks to the new low of ripping off garbage like Ghoulies. These barely-animated furbies have some kind of scheme to fulfill fantasies (which involve basically groteque characters&#39; sex dreams - oh joy), but what that has to do with anything is anybody&#39;s guess, except to let the director indulge his kinky penchant for erotica. They show this down in the 8th circle of Hell, one suspects. There&#39;s no real plot - just &quot;goblins - kill!&quot; and feeble attempts at humor and a mild attempt to arouse the viewing audience.

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