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Reviewed by leftbanker-1 10

Sure, Bigfoot slaughters lots of innocent kids camping out in the woods, but did you know that he also paints watercolor landscapes? Something the &quot;lame-stream&quot; media never mentions. He also enjoys watching figure skating on TV and playing with model trains. The most shocking truth is that his feet aren&#39;t really that big, at least not for his size. They are just normal feet, but that doesn&#39;t make much of a nickname.<br/><br/>Average-size Foot. That doesn&#39;t exactly instill terror, does it? How about Huge Foot? I&#39;m just thinking out loud here so bear with me, no pun intended.<br/><br/>This may be the best movie about Bigfoot that you will see this month, but there&#39;s still more than a week left so this accolade may not stand up.

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Reviewed by mikedegroot 4

The couple rave reviews are obviously fake, but the movie is not complete garbage or unwatchable by any means.<br/><br/>The acting is about average but adequate. The cinematography and sound design, while not great, are serviceable and do nothing to add or detract from the experience. The gory practical effects are actually decent, but the bigfoot itself (which is rarely seen) is pretty shotty.<br/><br/>The characters are blatantly stereotypical with the corporate shill, self centered journalist, ex-marine badass, the smoking hippie, and the good-natured scientist who&#39;s only there for the much needed money.<br/><br/>The story itself starts out very cliche, kind of like &#39;Anaconda&#39; but with a bigfoot. The first three quarters of the film feels very much like this, but the story takes a strange turn at that point and it becomes something different entirely. I give them props for trying something a little different here, but doesn&#39;t quite feel like it&#39;s part of the same movie and very out of place.<br/><br/>Overall, it is watchable but kind of loses itself at the end. It&#39;s not going to win any awards and is fairly forgettable, but if you want to turn your mind off for a little bit, you could definitely do much worse. 4.5/10

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Reviewed by iffitheking 1

Do not waste your time with this garbage, It&#39;s hard even to watch a trailer let alone watch the whole movie.

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