Hit and Run


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by kyleallen_9 8

Alright, I really enjoyed this movie, but it compared to I Know What You Did Last Summer. This movie featured the hot Lauara Breckenridge, recently seen in 2009's Amusement. In this stalker shocker, she plays a college student who is trying to enjoy spring break and winds up having too much to drink one night a a bar. Believing that she is good enough to drive, she winds up accidentally hitting a man on a dark road, but doesn't realize it until she gets home. After trying to cover up the accident, she and those around her begin to be stalked at every turn. I really enjoyed this clever thriller and i definitely recommend it those who are looking for a movie to watch with friends. Also, the DVD cover is really neat!!

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Reviewed by janetteleelee 8

this is still a pretty fun attempt to bring 1960s B series to film. One of the best things about it is the narrative creative, vivid direction, that captures the spookiness of the events. It&#39;s a tale that has several different horror themes usually tempered with some dark comedy on this obnoxious party girl that causes havoc. <br/><br/>Despite some missteps,it offers up good gory fun. Some of the acting is good, too, particularly the man who gets hit. <br/><br/>I think it&#39;s pretty clear that the amount of enjoyment you get out of this movie is directly related to how sick your sense of humor is. Those people with a fairly big tolerance for sick humor, such as myself, will like it.

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Reviewed by joeampfan 7

Interesting plot, pure minimalist horror. It starts off well when Mary Murdock (played by Laura Breckinridge) drives home drunk from a party and has a near-accident on the road. She thinks she just missed a tire in the road, but she has another thing coming. Later, she discovers a half-alive dude dangling from her bumper in the garage. <br/><br/>He tries to kill her, then she accidentally kills him and then her whole life and all her plans turn upside down. Some have compared this to a similar-themed movie &quot;Stuck&quot; or &quot;I Know What You Did Last Summer&quot;, but beyond the obvious plot of the beginning, I didn&#39;t see the similarities. For example, in &quot;Stuck&quot; the girl knows she&#39;s hit a guy and doesn&#39;t do anything about it. In this movie, she doesn&#39;t realize till later and ends up being stalked by him.<br/><br/>The action sequences were not bad, some very exciting. It had some eccentricities and odd things that made it stand out from the usual fare. Like the whole thing with her being tied to the bumper... I hadn&#39;t seen that before in these kind of movies. One thing is there could have been a bit more suspense in the middle part. It seemed like the film went into her &#39;delirium&#39; mind so much we lost touch there for a while with reality, but maybe that was the point. The actors are fine (Kevin Corrigan as the wacky bi-polar psycho is freaking weird), creepy mood and there are some unexpected moments.

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