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Reviewed by LoremIpsum321 4

The summary sounds good, suggesting a good time with a silly but fun movie.<br/><br/>Yeah, well, um...<br/><br/>The &quot;story&quot; is pretty stupid and includes a couple of total what the heck-moments, without any thrills or comedy, except for the occasional unintentional moronic dialogues or bonkers plot additions. In terms of dramaturgy it can only be called a mess.<br/><br/>Blood is there, not really gore though, the action scenes feel rather cheap, and the werewolfs look a bit weird. Not sure what they spend the estimated $6,400,000 on.<br/><br/>The acting is OK by some of the cast, not so much by others, most likely due to the script I imagine. Some things can&#39;t be pulled off with what&#39;s been given.<br/><br/>Somehow, although I stand by the points I made, there was something that elevates Howlers in its total slightly above its sums, maybe because of the absurd plot.<br/><br/>Yet, probably only worth a watch for die hard fans of werewolf-&quot;horror&quot; or &quot;gunslinger&quot; stuff.

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Reviewed by bobbydarko 3

Ok so the storyline is really good and the leads are pretty good but the special effects are terrible, don&#39;t be fooled it&#39;s a fun watch a fun story but it needed a bigger budget to bring it to life,It ain&#39;t no underworld

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4

I hadn&#39;t even heard of &quot;Howlers&quot; (aka &quot;High Moon&quot;) prior to coming across it by random luck here in 2019. I picked it up and saw it being a werewolf movie, so naturally I had to watch it.<br/><br/>Well, the movie was sort of interesting, but at the same time it was frightfully cheesy and campy. I mean, a band of werewolves were killed sometime in the 1800s and then come back in 2018 along with the gunslinger whom killed them. Yeah, that was essentially the core of the movie, and it was a rather thin soup.<br/><br/>The movie was watchable for sure, but it wasn&#39;t an overly enjoyable movie. Not even by a long shot. I managed to endure it to the end, though I was starting to lose interest in the movie along the halfway point.<br/><br/>The werewolves in this movie were laughable to look at. It was nothing more than your generic biker gang members with added facial hair, contact lenses, prosthetic teeth and latex added to the faces. They didn&#39;t even remotely look anything like a werewolf or a lycanthrope of any kind.<br/><br/>The acting in &quot;Howlers&quot; was actually okay, taking into consideration the nature of the movie and the limitations of the storyline and script inflicted upon the actors and actresses.<br/><br/>Having sat through the entire movie, I can honestly say that this is not a movie that I will ever be returning to watch a second time.

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