Her Tango


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Reviewed by angelofvic 10

This film starts out with striking and lingering close-up footage of beautiful women and men dancing tango. From there it moves from strength to strength in an enjoyable storyline.<br/><br/>Never over-explaining, manipulating, or condescending to the audience, it presents an interesting, human, believable, and relatable story of an uptight-ish man named Dino, and his extended family, his career passions and worries, and the things that burst him out of his routine.<br/><br/>This film held my attention throughout in its various but never overlong storylines. We slowly learn, through inferring from Dino&#39;s piecemeal interactions with his relatives, what his backstory is and why he is in a bit of a psychological, physical, and emotional rut.<br/><br/>Then an enticing but out-of-his-league tango dancer/teacher he accidentally watches one day awakens his passions, but she is far too elusive and unobtainable.<br/><br/>Nevertheless, she has a remarkable effect on him, which is the joy and light of the film. The final scene of the movie is so wonderful I have watched it several times. Great film, great directing, and great script!<br/><br/>A real pleasure and a rare find.

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