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Reviewed by inkblot11 8

Annie (Kellie Martin) lives on Long Island with her two children, Ella and Milo. A widow, her husband Andre died in a boating accident two years ago. To say the least, its been hard moving forward and Annie has never erased the last phone video recording of Andre, the one where he says this is the happiest day of his life. A fine cook and baker, Annie has been working as a caterer out of her home, even though she longs to open a bake shop. One day, on her way to a work engagement, Annie is in a collision with another driver, James (Kavan Smith). As its totally James fault, Annie is miffed, especially when the baked goods are damaged. Very wealthy, James offers to pay for everything but Annie cuts him off. Later, she discovers that while she catered the party, James had her car repaired. Wow, how nice is this! For his part, James is an extremely successful businessman who inherited a lucrative firm and who hobnobs with the elite. His mother is very snooty but always trying to fix up her bachelor son with the "best socially prominent gals." Yet, James sees something in Annie he feels he is missing so the two grow slowly closer. Ella, the older child, is not really happy. More importantly, in a most startling fashion, Annie begins to receive phone messages from Andre, worked into the video that she has saved. Could her deceased husband really be watching over her, trying to tell her important advice? Yet, each time it happens, Annie steps back from her budding romance with James. What to do? This lovely romantic drama will have some in tears, its so touching. The paranormal angle is beautifully conceived. Martin and Smith make a great couple while all of the other cast members are nice as well. Then, the LI setting, right on the coast, is very beautiful, making one wish for a beach home there as soon as possible. In short, what would fans of romance do WITHOUT HALLMARK? Thank Providence that this network continues, week after week, to rain down blessings on its loyal subjects.

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Reviewed by juneebuggy 6

This was pretty good. Decent acting from Kellie Martin and Kavan Smith especially for one of these Made for TV movies. The plot is ultra predictable but helped along by a supernatural element and some beautiful scenery from Ontario lake cottage country.<br/><br/>The story follows Annie and her two children a couple years after the sudden death of her husband. Annie has started a catering company and meets a wealthy guy who is immediately smitten with her. Annie is hesitant however to let her heart go until she begins to receive encouraging phone calls from her late husband. Some very nice scenes towards the end with the daughter and James

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Reviewed by garzamom 4

I know these movies are formula, and I generally overlook the more egregious plot lines because they are entertaining and even inspirational.<br/><br/>I have to take issue with the trend of these terribly wounded widows who by all accounts had &quot;perfect&quot; marriages and are stuck in limbo. From my years of observation, those who had good marriages were the first to want to reconnect with a significant other. At worst, they didn&#39;t spend years bringing everyone around them down with their inability to move forward in their lives.OnI think it sends a message that depression is OK if not laudable after the loss of a spouse and that it is OK to spend years lost in space, unable to function. Kelli Martin seems to be cast as the same character, again, after &quot;The Christmas Ornament&quot;.

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