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Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI 9

Most film consumers simply should know by now whether or not they&#39;re of the kind of audience to appreciate the truly gritty, boot-on-the-ground relentlessness of indie, which often comes at the expense of major studio look and feel (obviously, one would think they&#39;d know where they stand by now). Yet so many are surprised and mock-dismayed when they stumble on production values that don&#39;t scream $200 billion blockbuster. It&#39;s a truly baffling, recurring phenomenon.<br/><br/>I love the beating heart of indie - the prerequisite perservering nature of the indie filmmaker - so it&#39;s no surprise that I found &quot;Hello I Love&quot; you to be right down my fairway. Spoiler alert: Meryl Streep isn&#39;t in this film, but lead actress Kabrina Miller is, and she held the film&#39;s elements together with great aplomb. Her performance was aided by a strong sense of pace, and comedy that&#39;s straight-up, high end funny.<br/><br/>Go out for wine and cheese, and some pseudo-evolved name dropper will most assuredly be overheard extolling the virtues of Kevin Smith&#39;s Clerks. He probably fears disclosing the fact that he actually didn&#39;t dig it at all, and instead struggled with its homegrown-ness. Hello I Love You is no less deserving of early viewership on the grounds of its content and its relentless execution despite its barriers. It&#39;s funny. It tells its story purposefully. And ultimately, it triumphs.

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Reviewed by greenmarie5 7

Not sure how I came across this movie but definitely a cute movie. Has some cheesy parts but surprisingly good acting. A rawness and relatable scenes when meeting new people in the dating world. Highly recommend

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Reviewed by aforbush-03680 5

The premise of this movie is interesting and cute but the dialogue, the acting, cinematography and editing are clunky and awkward. <br/><br/>It&#39;s possible that this movie - which is about making a reality tv show is a spoof on this type of production and INTENDS to make fun of it by making it bad. I can&#39;t tell. <br/><br/>With the exception of a few main actors, the acting is just not good. Every character Seems like it&#39;s their first time acting. Ever. It may not actually be possible to act well with the provided dialogue.<br/><br/>I am waiting until the end of the movie to submit this review just in case their is some plot twist that explains why this movie is so exceptionally bad. <br/><br/>Nope.<br/><br/>They said the budget is $100k. I have no idea how they were able to spend that much money on this movie<br/><br/>All 5 of my stars are for the premise. Not the execution.

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