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Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 6

The story distorts perspective by forcing elements of near psychotica inducing moments that cause you to question the protagonist&#39;s mental state. &quot;HELLmington&#39;s&quot; main plot is a suspensful mystery involving a cold case that once revealed is disturbing, and relevant. It plays out like a dark web nightmare version of a ID channel episode.<br/><br/>At the start, the film is both confusing, distorted and emotionless. A stylistic trick that is as visually creative as it is questioning. Much like the actually story line- what happened in 1999?, Who is messing with Samantha Woodhouse?, and how much of the story is even real? I can&#39;t tell if this warping of the film&#39;s beginning is intentional artistry or accidental. I did find it intriguing.<br/><br/>The cast create some stoic, gothic characters reminiscent of Fargo&#39; or &#39;Twin Peaks&#39;. There are moments when the story trips on it&#39;s own weightiness. It is a dark, slumbering plot. Still, &quot;HELLmington&quot; begins to show it&#39;s true depth of darkness around 50 minutes in and the suspense and chilling nature becomes elevated.<br/><br/>The horror never really gets there fully, but atmospherically it is creepy- in a sleepwalking down an alleyway after midnight- kinda way. There is visual elements that play on occult horror thems, much in the way &#39;Riverdale&#39; did it with the Gargoyle King. The cinematography moves from unimaginative stationary shots to some truly stunning horror fueled thriller moments. Overall &quot;HELLmington&quot; is a nice, chilling nightmare with a twist ending.

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Reviewed by tfoley-968-25013 7

First feature length film by this crew, includes great camera work, subtle but effective score, and very fine acting(especially the main protagonist, Correia-Damude). Suspense was ratcheted up throughout. Wouldn&#39;t necessarily classify as horror, as opposed to a good old slow burn thriller! Look forward to more vehicles, from all involved.

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Reviewed by joshleafs 10

This was amazing it was super detailed and and scary. Overall great movie

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