Heaven's Prisoners


Drama / Mystery

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Reviewed by lacarpool 7

while this movie does not really capture the flavor of Burkes &quot;prose&quot; it&#39;s nice to see recognition of one of fictions better characters. Noticeably missing is the character &quot;Clete Purcell&quot; who was Dave R&#39;s former NOPD homicide partner. I see that Tommy Lee Jones will tackle A TV version of another Robicheaux mystery of which 16 Robicheaux novels have been written. Moe action by Baldwin and an interplay between he and the missing Clete Purcell might have brought this movie along further into another feature. New Orleans is always the great mixture of characters and places for mystery, murder and mayhem.<br/><br/>Alex Baldwin does a great job given some of the missing flavor of James Lee Burkes writing. Baldwin made a great looking &quot;Shadow&quot; as well with an unfortunate script.

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Reviewed by bob_bear 8

I thought the opening scene was one of the best movie openings I&#39;ve ever watched - beautifully written and sensitively played.<br/><br/>Drawn in from the outset, I was happy to watch the plot unfold. Yes, it could be argued that the main protagonist brings his troubles upon himself but that is hardly a plot fault - some people do.<br/><br/>Problems with the film? I don&#39;t know why an actress of Mary Stuart Masterson&#39;s caliber should take on such a nothing role. And the plane crash looked cheap and unconvincing. Otherwise, I have no complaints. I love the books and I thoroughly enjoyed the film.<br/><br/>I have read the previous reviews which seem to be critical for the most part and I am left wondering why they are so. I&#39;ve watched a lot of rotten films and this certainly isn&#39;t one of them. I give it an eight out of ten. I enjoyed it.

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7

I guess you could call this a &quot;neo-noir,&quot; which is a modern-day film noir. It has that atmosphere, especially in New Orleans which seems to always been pictured on the seamy side in films. After the devastation that took place there last year, perhaps filmmakers will kinder to the city in future movies. <br/><br/>Anyway, a seedy New Orleans, some good blues music and five varied-and-all interesting lead characters make this a very watchable movie. Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, Teri Hatcher, Mary Stuart Masterston and Eric Roberts all contribute with good performances All but Roberts are the &quot;good guys&quot; in this one.<br/><br/>The movie keeps your attention and has you involved for most of the two hours. The action is well-dispersed. My only complaint is a small one: Baldwin with the southern accent doesn&#39;t sound natural. Otherwise, a good modern-day crime story.

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