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Reviewed by Lew777 8

There's SO many cheesy Christmas movies made on a shoestring these days, but I'm happy to say that , once in a while, they give us a golden nugget in the shape of Hearts of Christmas. The romance is pretty typical - girl hates boy, girl maybe likes boy, hates him again , until the warming romantic ending. What made this film stand out was the on screen acting and chemistry of the 2 leads, Emilie Ullerop and Kristoffer Polaha. Good solid believable performances and an excellent under-story surrounding a Community Children's Hospital and forced redundancies amongst the staff, especially for Alice (Sharon Lawrence). On a cold night, it'll warm your heart and I defy you not to shed at least one tear !

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Reviewed by gehewe 9

I am surprised I am the first one to write a review on this movie.<br/><br/>Very very pleasant lead actress and actor (Jenny and Matt) make this a delightful one to watch. There is a conflict on her part and even a hint of a &quot;White Christmas&quot; (Bing Crosby Rosemary Clooney) misunderstanding at the end. The supporting role of Alice made for some of the nicest heartfelt moments in the movie- well done.<br/><br/>The Neo Natal Ward at the hospital was well done with the care they provide the families. The smaller part of parents the baby in the incubator did make me wonder where I had seen him before-- Looked it up- he was in 4 Christmas Movies in 2016. The lady that played a small part as Matt&#39;s sister looked familiar and had starred in Nine Lives of Christmas.<br/><br/>I am borderline on this- but yes I would watch it again. Even though we were tired we did not doze. I gave it a 9 instead of an 8 because of a surprise at the end and the Neo Natal care for the family aspect. <br/><br/>Some criticisms. The movie title is a bit of a stretch. Another ice skating scene- really?<br/><br/>My family criticized my criticisms. There is a pledge/farewell that is said by the staff to the parents that has &quot;Hearts&quot; in it. I did not quite catch that, but thought it is great they do the pledge. The staff is about Heart and not the bottom line, hence the &quot;Hearts of Christmas&quot; title. Also what happens at the ice skating rink does contribute to the story.

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Reviewed by jeffreylhartman 10

This is a GREAT FILM.<br/><br/>It turns out the elderly colleague saved the young colleague at birth. Her step father looks like the trivago guy.<br/><br/>It&#39;s basically like a Christmas movie combined with a good feeling holesum movie. And there&#39;s a steamy love-storey !<br/><br/>I watched it two time

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