Have You Seen the Listers?


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Reviewed by MovieHeartGirl 8

This really touched me, and I pray that all of the family members find forgiveness, love, peace, joy and happiness. Get out the tissues, but mostly in a good way. Australia needs to appreciate this guy!

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Reviewed by kosmasp 7

Documentaries have become a huge thing and there is one for almost everything and kind of &quot;everybody&quot;. If it ain&#39;t a universal thing, it can be a certain person/individual who is or was an artist. Like in this case - but this case also shows that maybe we don&#39;t need a movie about everyone.<br/><br/>Now some will find interesting bits in this (about his life and/or views), which is more than fair enough (almost everyone has something going for them and some interesting thing/trait). So while I wouldn&#39;t knock this down entirely like others have, there are far better documentaries out there. If you are not already familiar and a fan, I&#39;d recommend using your time more wisely and otherwise

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Reviewed by juliancooper-935-75705 7

I live and work around inner Sydney and have seen a lot of graffiti. I&#39;ve also seen the word &quot;Lister&quot; scrawled on walls and roller doors, etc. Actually I saw the word &quot;Lister&quot; so many times it was starting to kind of bother me. I couldn&#39;t see the purpose.<br/><br/>Then I saw this documentary and it all made sense.<br/><br/>This documentary takes the viewer on a ride with an Australian artist who started out very unassuming, to becoming well known in &quot;art circles,&quot; having major peaks (and perks) in his life (wife, children), to nearly losing his sh17.<br/><br/>There did seem to be some &#39;crying wolf&#39; moments; moments where it seemed like it was building up to something, but then nothing happened.<br/><br/>A documentary I truly enjoyed watching. It was worth it. And thank you to Netflix :)

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