Haunted State: Whispers from History Past


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Reviewed by mastrait 6

Basically the same hang out in the dark, get chills ghost stuff. I don&#39;t know about you, but sitting in the dark in some old damp place, of course, you&#39;re going to hear things, get goose bumps, get freaked out. Try it.<br/><br/>Michael, the &quot;skeptical&quot; director tries so very hard but achieves virtually nothing. That being said, there is the one actually interesting occurrence towards the end of the film. Now was that faked somehow? Who really knows, it does seem to be the focal point of the director&#39;s evidence. If the filmmaker was being honest, it was of interest, but since it could not be reproduced, nothing more than anecdotal. <br/><br/>If I had the money to visit so-called haunted places, I would do so in the light of day always. Why do you need to freak yourself out in the dark?<br/><br/>Want me to believe in ghosts? Hire me, along with others that are true skeptics, take us to these places during daylight with all you &quot;scientific&quot; gear, and honestly edit our responses. Now THAT would be something interesting.<br/><br/>(well probably not)

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Reviewed by trueslayor 5

The reason behind my summary above is that there is nothing new here, no ground breaking paranormal discoveries or experiments just another guy who &quot;wants to experience the world of ghosts and find out if its true&quot;, now you would think he could go to one of the other dozen documentaries and find out there instead of going down the same well worn highway- but hey when you aspire to be a film maker then....However with that said this is better done with more effort and more passion than others I have seen (as demonstrated by the reviews which are pretty good)though it could be longer, this is solid work by first time filmmaker and if you love the genre then you wont be disappointed, rent it.. if you dare (scary laugh in the back ground).

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