Harry and Walter Go to New York


Crime / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.4


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cheese Hoven 5

This film is one of those films in which the elements fail to come together. It is clearly an attempt to recreate the lightning in a bottle of The Sting some years earlier. However it does not measure up for a number of reasons.<br/><br/>Firstly the truly boring title does the film no favours. It is not surprising the audience stayed away despite this having obvious star power. Like The Sting the main stars are a couple of con men. The comedy is very broad, almost slapstick at times. This tends to undermine any tension in the film. And I&#39;m not convinced that either Caan or Gould have any aptitude for this kind of broad comedy (and neither, I think, do they, if their subsequent career moves are an indication).<br/><br/>However, there are certain times when nastiness creeps in, the most obvious example is when Gould is locked in a safe. Yes, that&#39;s comedy gold, having a man almost suffocate to death.<br/><br/>Not only are the con men much more buffoonish than in The Sting, but they are also more contemptible. When we first see them, they are stealing money from ordinary members of the public. Why on earth would we be sympathetic to their escapades from then on? While in The Sting the objective was to rob another (and worse) villain, here the target is a normal bank containing real people&#39;s money. An attempt to show the manager as corrupt and lecherous does not undermine the fact that the bank contains real people&#39;s money and at a time when banks could go out of business.<br/><br/>Ultimately, no one really cares about these two thieves and whether they succeed in their venture.

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Reviewed by helpless_dancer 5

A pair of inept vaudevillians team up with a liberal newswoman to rob a bank. Her reasons were for the furtherance of mankind. At the same time a notorious thief and his gang are plotting the same job. The reason he uses is simple revenge. This was pretty banal stuff, but was fairly entertaining and had a ridiculously funny ending.

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Reviewed by janeybkla 2

This movie is painful to watch except when Diane Keaton is on screen. It was interesting to see Carol Kane and Kathryn Brody in the cast. And what a cast. Many actors I recognized in a really stinky movie. Its beyond me how this project ever got made. Thin plot, not funny, not exciting. I wonder what they were aiming for. The best I can say is its not offensive unless you tire of juvenile humor. Grabbing at girls with big cleavage, chasing around, bad singing.....This movie is just painful to sit through. I watched this because Diane is in it. I guess its to be expected that a person&#39;s early work can be less than classic. A person has to start somewhere. I&#39;d suggest skipping this movie.

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