Harry and Walter Go to New York


Crime / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.4


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theviole 10

I've watched this movie several times. Each time I enjoyed it more. I have looked for it to buy but can't find it. With a cast full of wonderful actors, this movie deserves more credit than it has received. It was funny and clever.

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Reviewed by marlatt 10

This ranks near the epitome of the comedic experience; perhaps not an intellectually provocative outing, but this is a masterpiece of physical humor. It is unusual to find a film of this nature sporting the stellar cast which appear here - Caan, Gould, Caine and Keaton enjoy a rare chemistry and display a keen sense of timing. If you haven't seen this yet, make it your next film! (Ok, after you finish Lawrence of Arabia, 2001, and West Side Story - but then, make sure you see it!)

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Reviewed by mkimdb 8

A thoroughly well-made and well-paced movie, with a wonderful score, both in the lead characters&#39; signature song &quot;Nobody&#39;s Perfect&quot; and in the incidental music. James Caan and Elliot Gould do a great job of playing the low comedy foils of high comedy master Michael Caine.<br/><br/>Excellent for kids, too...although there are touches of violence, romance, and illegal behavior, they are all mild, and it&#39;s got a delightfully old-fashioned morality to it.

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