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Reviewed by movieman_kev 8

Shintar? Katsu, best known for the Zat?ichi films, again stars in this third and final movie in the Kenji Misumi (mostly known for &quot;Lone Wolf and Cub), directed saga of Hanzo &#39;The Razor&#39; Itami feature the big dicked one battling ninjas, rapeing &#39;ghosts&#39;, and uncovering shady goings on at the Shogunate treasury. The Hanzo &#39;plot&#39; was kinda getting stale and repetitive. What was once novel in the first film, was not any longer. Fortunately, this one was better then the second thanks to having more humor. I&#39;m just glad that they choose to stop at the one trilogy (I&#39;m looking at YOU Lucas) <br/><br/>My Grade: B <br/><br/>DVD Extras: Merely Trailers for all 3 Hanzo the Razor films <br/><br/>Eye Candy: Aoi Nakajima unleashes both tits, Mako Midori just her left one

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Reviewed by Witchfinder-General-666 8

Following the brilliant &quot;Goy?kiba&quot; (aka. &quot;Hanzo The Razor - Sword Of Justice&quot;, 1972) and its excellent (and even sleazier) sequel &quot;Goy?kiba: Kamisori Hanz? jigoku zeme&quot; (aka. &quot;Razor 2: The Snare&quot;, 1973), this &quot;Goy?kiba: Oni no Hanz? yawahada koban&quot; aka. &quot;Razor 3: Who&#39;s Got The Gold&quot; is the third, and sadly final installment to the awesome saga about the incorruptible Samurai-constable Hanzo &#39;The Razor&#39; Ittami (brilliantly played by the great Shintar? Katsu), who fights corruption with his fighting expertise as well as his enormous sexual powers. As a big fan of 70s exploitation cinema made in Nippon, &quot;Sword Of Justice&quot; became an instant favorite of mine, and I was therefore more than eager to find the sequels, and full of anticipation when I finally stumbled over them recently. While this third &quot;Hanzo&quot; film is just not quite as brilliant as its predecessors it is definitely another great piece of cult-cinema that no lover of Japanese exploitation cinema can afford to miss. &quot;Who&#39;s Got The Gold&quot; is a bit tamer than the two foregoing Hanzo films, but it is just as brilliantly comical and crudely humorous, and immediately starts out fabulously odd: The film begins, when Hanzo&#39;s two assistants see a female ghost when fishing. Having always wanted to sleep with a ghost, Hanzo insists that his assistants lead him to the site of the occurrence... If that is not a promising beginning for an awesome film experience, I don&#39;t know what is. Shintaro Katsu, one of my personal favorite actors, is once again brilliant in the role of Hanzo, a role that seems to have been written specifically for him. Katsu IS Hanzo, the obstinate and fearless constable, who hates corruption and deliberately insults his superiors, and whose unique interrogation techniques include raping female suspects. The interrogated women than immediately fall for him, due to his sexual powers and enormous penis, which he trains in a rather grotesque routine ritual. I will not give away more about the plot in &quot;Who&#39;s Got The Gold&quot;, but I can assure that it is as cool as it sounds. The supporting performances are also very good, and, as in the predecessors, there are plenty of hilariously eccentric characters. This is sadly the last film in the awesomely sleazy &#39;Hanzo&#39; series. If they had made 20 sequels more, I would have happily watched them all! The entire Hanzo series is brilliant, and while this third part is a bit inferior compared to its predecessors, it is definitely a must-see for all lovers of cult-cinema! Oh how I wish they had made more sequels!

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Reviewed by chaosrampant 7

The final chapter in the Hanzo the Razor trilogy provides fitting closure for this entertaining series of samuraisploitation. Inoue replaces Yasuzu Masumura (Blind Beast, Red Angel, Manji) in the director&#39;s chair, but the style is pretty much the same, perhaps due to Shintaro Katsu serving as the producer, apart from the titular antihero.<br/><br/>Hanzo uncovers a female ghost who is guarding treasure hidden in the bottom of the lake. Of course, Hanzo being Hanzo, he&#39;s not put off by the fact she&#39;s a ghost, so he proceeds to rape... ahem, interrogate her, using the now familiar revolving net device. The plot takes through a series of blind monks who also doubletime as loansharks, corrupt officials, promiscuous wives and the necessary hack and slash. Hanzo&#39;s superior officer, Onishi, and his two servants, provide the typical comedic notes, and generally, it&#39;s business as usual.<br/><br/>Significantly less convoluted and easier to follow than the first (which is all over the place and a bit of a mess), less stylish, dramatic and bloody than the second (arguably the finest in the Hanzo series), but still entertaining and worthwhile on its own merits. Complete with trademark training sequences, the obligatory rape, swordfights, and a mystery Hanzo is called upon to investigate, this will ultimately satisfy the fans.

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