Hannah Gadsby: Nanette


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Reviewed by steelzzz 1

This is a sad story about a sad person.Not comedy.Unsure how this was categorised this way

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Reviewed by ailor 1

Another political act... boring and overdone. Hypocritical too. Don't watch.

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Reviewed by keevanmacleod 1

As a huge fan of stand up comedy, I can safely and assuredly say this is the worst stand up comedy I&#39;ve ever seen. To call it a comedy is absurd as Hannah Gadsby sucks all of the funny out of the room. This is the antithesis of comedy. The best example of the absurdity of calling this is Hannah calling self-deprecating humor, &quot;humiliating,&quot; for someone on the margins like her. Okay, for Hannah self-deprivation has been humiliating, but why are you calling this comedy because that&#39;s what I came here for?<br/><br/>So what are you in for exactly if you decide to watch Nanette? Imagine a loud and unruly protestor that is shouting moral judgements at people on the opposite side of the protest. Now image that person decided to perform stand up comedy with the intent of sharing their life story to teach a moral lesson to society. That&#39;s this, and it was as funny as a left wing politician.<br/><br/>In this special Hannah proclaims this her last stint in comedy. Based off of this special alone I&#39;d say she never was in comedy. Comedy is finding the humor in the different aspects of human life that are unique or shared between us. Comedy is not about finding the moral high ground and pointing fingers at people&#39;s bad behavior. That is what I go to stand up comedy for, to get away from political correctness and this is nothing but someone&#39;s political agenda.<br/><br/>I&#39;d recommend this as a theater performance of someone&#39;s life story similar to Henry Rollins, but as it was sold as a stand up comedy, I am rating this as a stand up comedy and for that it receives a 1/10.

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