Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway


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Reviewed by robobalboa 4

My criticisms seem to be other reviewer's praises so, I'll try to be succinct in this review. "Hamilton, One Shot to Broadway", plays like an overly long Sunday morning news broadcast. It's non confrontational, it offers no new insight, and covers no new ground. There are no new interviews with anyone involved with Hamilton, only old footage of interviews and of those they are scant and mostly surface-level. The subjects that are interviewed are critics and historians, and guess what, yeah they love it too. Big revelation. The pacing in this doc is jarring as it seems like it wants to end every twenty minutes or so, with no flow from one idea or aspect of the production to the next. It feels like it was made for television, and just something to have on in the background as you eat breakfast or do the crossword. As fascinating as the material is and the people who created it are, this documentary falls flat and totally wastes its shot.

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Reviewed by MarcyMurli 1

This is one of the worst documentaries I've ever seen. The talking heads are not very bright. A few of the talking heads are so steeped in their white privilege that they're unable to have a sense of the play's power. And the documentary didn't interview anyone from the play. They just include interview clips from other sources. And they keep showing the same still shots over and over again.

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Reviewed by william-langley 1

This is so boring and poorly made.<br/><br/>Just watch the PBS Documentary.<br/><br/>That is all.

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