H Is for Happiness


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Reviewed by laurenp-32227 10

This movie CHANGED MY LIFE. wow. the twists and turns were so unexpectedly amazing and smart. candace played an important roll of a moody but amazing girl changing through her life in middle school. and don't even get me started on DOUGLAS BENSON FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION. 100% my absolute FAVOURITE character. i was sitting in the movie cinema with no thought of what was to come from this movie. but every little detail brightened up my day. not ever did i think i would get out of bed to see "H is for happiness." i think the plot was amazing. although some parts were a tad weird it really did brighten up the movie for me. thank you so much for creating this tremendously beautiful movie it changed me in so many ways for what's to come in the future.

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Reviewed by PeterM27 8

This delightful quirky comedy can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Daisy Axon plays Candice Phee, a cheery, red-headed, dictionary-reading, bicycle-riding swot, who wants to restore the happiness of her mum (Emma Booth), who can't get over the cot-death of Candice's baby brother, and dad (Richard Roxburgh), who is still angry over business bust-up with his brother, 'Rich Uncle Brian' (Joel Jackson). Full of other interesting side characters (her friend, 'Douglas Benson from another dimension' (Wesley Patten), her eccentric teacher with one rolling eye (Miriam Margolyes of course) and Douglas' full-on mum (Deborah Mailman)) and animals; well-written and acted; and set in a beautiful sun-drenched coastal town, this film will delight the open-hearted. It also made me want to travel to Albany to see if it is really is so lovely.

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Reviewed by jschumacher-10199 9

What a delightful movie and filmed in the beautiful city where I live. Everyone from Albany should watch this movie.

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