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Reviewed by terry-whittaker 8

If you want to see what could be classed as the &#39;stage&#39; version of GYPSY this is the film for you.<br/><br/>If you enjoy(ed) listing to the MERMAN recording of GYPSY then you really enjoy watching MIDLER as Gypsy&#39;s mother, ROSE. It&#39;s my opinion that Midler has the volume, vibrato and presents that Merman once had.<br/><br/>It&#39;s not often these days, when listening to update versions of musicals, that I get that tingling sensation that makes the hair on my neck tingle but Bette Midler certainly shows her talents in this movie -see how you like them apples.....<br/><br/>I know you may not like it, but for me Ms. Midler is the definitive &quot;Gypsy&quot;.

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Reviewed by sschimel 9

This is one of the best TV productions of a musical ever. I have heard the Merman cast album, the Angela Lansbury album, I have seen Tyne Daly live, and I&#39;ve seen the Rosalind Russell movie countless times. I think Bette is if not the best, then tied with the best. She captures not just the bravura, but also the pathos of Mama Rose. I was never a Natalie Wood fan, so I really enjoyed Cynthia Gibb, in what is arguably her best role. Everything from the costumes to the sets to the supporting performances is wonderful. The three strippers, led by the always-dependable Christine Ebersole are hard to top. There was supposed to be a TV production of Mame a few years back, with Cher, but I think Bette would be the best bet (pun intended) for Auntie Mame.

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Reviewed by inmemoryofdivine 10

This is easily one of my favorite musicals of all time. Bette Midler comes as close to real magic on screen as anyone has in her turn as Gypsy Lee&#39;s blustery, bosomy, brave and very scary mother. She evokes a sense of desperation that is at times both comic and tragic but always genuine and quite beautiful. Such charm and grit she is indeed a pioneer woman without a frontier. That frontier is discovered for the children. Who in turn must forge their own in a world ruled by their domineering mother.<br/><br/>This particular version is, as I understand it, in it&#39;s entirety including the brilliant choreography of Jerome Robbins, as well as the original stage directions.

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