Guns Girls and Gangsters


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Reviewed by richard-graham-604-587740 7

There is a scene in this movie that totally sums up the 1950s. Mamie Van Doren, bleached hair flowing in the wind, glamorous sunglasses glinting in the sun, drives a 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible, no doubt pink, that is pulling a horse trailer. It doesn&#39;t get any more 1950s than that!!!!<br/><br/>Enjoy this movie for its 1950s clichés. All the good girls are brunettes, and the bad girls are blondes. Men in tight suits and skinny ties. Crappy Rock-n-Roll. Cops save the day. Bad people get punished. People talk tired Film-Noir-speak. Mamie Van Doren&#39;s Bullet Bra and wide hips encased in an iron girdle.<br/><br/>Show this movie at your next 1950s party.

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Reviewed by udar55 7

Chuck Wheeler (Gerald Mohr) gets out of prison and heads to Las Vegas to enact an elaborate heist where he plans to steal an armored car carrying over $2 million in post-New Year&#39;s gambling money. He enlists the aide of local gangster Joe Darren (Grant Richards) and his lounge singer fiancé Vi (Mamie Van Doren), who just happens to be the wife of Wheeler&#39;s old cell mate. They plan everything out and it looks like it will go smoothly until Vi&#39;s ex-husband, Mike (Lee Van Cleef), breaks out of jail. This is a quick moving B-picture and director Edward L. Cahn never lets it lag through its 70 minutes. Van Doren isn&#39;t as much of a bad girl as in the previous feature I saw, VICE RAID. Here she is more of a good girl caught in a bad situation. To show how good she is, Van Doren gets two musical numbers in this one. Surprisingly, they don&#39;t play up her curves as much as VICE, but the swelling horn section is still abused plenty on the soundtrack. The supporting cast is all good and it is funny to know that even when he was young, Van Cleef still looked old.

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Reviewed by wes-connors 5

Released from San Quentin, slick and ingenious Gerald Mohr (as Charles &quot;Chuck&quot; Wheeler) travels from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. There, Mr. Mohr plans to carry out a $2 million dollar heist. He needs assistance from dangerous gangster Grant Richards (as Joe Darren), who runs the nightclub where blonde bombshell Mamie Van Doren (as Vi Victor) performs. All hell breaks loose when Mohr&#39;s steely-eyed cell-mate Lee Van Cleef (as Mike Bennett) escapes from prison. Having helped Mohr concoct the plot, he wants his share of the action...<br/><br/>The men must decide how to divide Ms. Van Doren and the money. They do well amid silly narration and lesser production values. Filmmakers Robert E. Kent and Edward L. Cahn know how to showcase Van Doren&#39;s notable assets. This is not one of better her acting vehicles, but Van Doren is arousing throughout. She has an outstanding lingerie scene and saunters two songs. Sung in a sultry Christmas scene, &quot;Meet Me Half Way, Baby&quot; is pedestrian, but &quot;Anything Your Heart Desires&quot; is a nicely staged (by Jack Baker) number for Van Doren.<br/><br/>***** Guns, Girls and Gangsters (1/59) Edward L. Cahn ~ Mamie Van Doren, Gerald Mohr, Lee Van Cleef, Grant Richards

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