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Reviewed by fricketesc 9

I served on a destroyer during the Korean War. This movie really captured the excitement of being on the bridge during convoy duty.

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Reviewed by michael-d-j-atkinson 5

If you have no attraction to military procedure then this film has no selling points.No backstory or character development. Tedious action and boring dialogue.<br/><br/>Back story is no longer then a couple minuets of naval captain leaving lover to go to war.The rest of the movie is just naval commands I wish I was joking but this film is 80 minuets of rudder left rudder right and sonar positions.<br/><br/>Only positive is the film look amazing the visual departments knocked it out of the park.<br/><br/>Music was disappointing just generic tension music.<br/><br/>This film had potential to be so much better. But the simple fact is there is no major story yet it&#39;s some how stretched out over 80 minuets of boring.

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Reviewed by dsk-917-14713 7

Spectacle? Dramatization? No. This movie allowed me to experience ww2 naval combat without the bombast of the usual action movie. It felt realistic with a decent amount of suspense, a glimpse through the eyes of the captain.

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