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Reviewed by mike-320 9

I enjoyed this movie quite a lot. I have always been a fan of Whoopi Goldberg and this movie only emphasizes it. She portrays a housewife in an African-American family which is moving up the social chain due to the husband's (Danny Glover) success as an attorney. She moves to an all white neighborhood where the people are friendly, yet a little awkward toward her. The various events that arise during the course of the movie make for SOME laughs but mostly appeal to the other emotions. This movie is not so much a comedy as a drama. I give it a strong 8/10. I highly recommend you catch it on TV or rent it soon.

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Reviewed by ats02171 10

i really in enjoyed watching this movie. like most of the people that watched it. i wasn&#39;t sure that i was getting. Whoopi Goldberg is a very funny comedian and she has done a lot of funny movies; i.e. sister act.<br/><br/>however this was not really comedy. it is a drama with comedic moments. so if your looking for a laugh riot then keep looking.<br/><br/>this movie is about a black family moving up from a nice neighborhood in the city to an upper middle class neighborhood. i would say more but it think it would spoil the movie. this movie does not just deal with race relations between whites and blacks, but also about relations with in the black community. i do think that it is worth a chance. if your not really interested in see another movie about race relations then this movie isn&#39;t for you

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Reviewed by gimhoff 7

Rarely have so many talented people worked together to make movie that is such a mess. Everyone associated with Good Fences -- not just Glover and Goldberg, but also director Dickerson and screenwriter Ellis -- has done much better work in the past, and will do better work again in the future. But this pudding has no theme, as Churchill said. It is neither comedy nor drama, neither funny nor moving. If it has any message, it is that all white people are foolish and that black people are racially inauthentic if they value success, accomplishment, wealth, or even suburban comfort. The movie seems to agree with the character in the Robert Frost poem (&quot;Mending Wall&quot;) that &quot;good fences make good neighbors&quot;; its tone argues that integration was a failure, and that blacks should stick to neckbones and avoid brie. But the narrator of Frost&#39;s poem is wiser, and says, &quot;Something there is that doesn&#39;t love a wall, That wants it down.&quot;

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