Good Boys


Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 6.8


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89 min
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Reviewed by jfaile-202-667396 2

This movie was awful and painfully unfunny. It's as if Seth Rogan and the writers thought that letting kids drop 300 F-bombs was comedy. Go rewatch Sixteen Candles, Goonies, Weird Science or even Superbad to see how these movies should be done.

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Reviewed by xabrasionx 10

I was laughing from beginning to end!! Don't listen to the uptight naysayers. If you failed to watch the trailer and went to this movie expecting something other than a raunchy inappropriate film you're foolish! The naivety of the actors is what truly made the movie comical; so why bash the creators for using young actors to deliver?!? Relax, watch the movie for what it is, and fall out of your chair laughing!!

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Reviewed by rick_yaeh 1

This movie is so bad The acting was bad, the story wasn&#39;t entertaining, the &quot;jokes&quot; were all clichés and the plot was insanely predictable.<br/><br/>Honestly, the movie didn&#39;t even make me smile in it&#39;s torturous 90 mins. I do not understand how anyone could find this an OK movie let alone a great movie...<br/><br/>I&#39;d strongly recommend anyone not to waste their time by seeing this movie.

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