Gone but Not Forgotten


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by mobydick725 9

When I got the movie at the video store I noticed that Brooke Shields was in it and was not a great fan of hers. After seeing the movie I was pleasantly surprised. She got down and dirty and was believable in the part. The actors were great for the parts that they played. Unlike some movies of that type you don't get lost in the complexity of the script. The beginning of the movie lays out the scenario well leading into the actions of the lead players. It has a good story and special effects and lots of action. Afterwards I found out it was a made for TV movie. That was another surprise because I thought, by its quality, that it was on the big screen. Although it is almost 3 hours long, the pace makes the time slip away quickly because you are on the edge of your seat through most of the last 3/4 of the movie. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for your time. Moby

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Reviewed by whpratt1 6

Have not viewed any films of Brooke Shields in quite a few years and was completely surprised at her great acting performance as a lawyer named Betsy Tannebaum. Betsy is married and has a cute young girl but is separated from her husband. Scott Glenn, (Martin Darius/Peter Lake) is a very wealthy business man who has been watching the great accomplishments of Betsy Tannebaum as a lawyer in winning her court cases and decides to hire her in case he just might need her in any criminal offenses he might be involved in because there was a serial killer who was killing young women and he was going to be a likely suspect. Lou Diamond Phillips, (Alan Page) plays the role as a District Attorney and gives a great supporting role to this great mystery murder story that has many twists and turns and will keep you held in suspense. Great Film, Great Actors, Enjoy.

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Reviewed by lifestar-1 10

I saw this movie in the video store but was reluctant to rent for one simple reason,it is three hours long and I don't have that much spare time on my hands. However, since there was not anything else there worth renting Itook it and watched it in intervals. It was worth every second. Actually, the intervals were torture because there is a lot of suspense going on there. The cast is good especially Brookes Shield and all the others. There are many spoilers which I wont disclose. Anyone out there for a good thriller in the "basic instincts" style but without the sex scenes.... got for it. This will keep you on the edge until the final moment.

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