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Reviewed by drichards 7

I agree that Garrett&#39;s performance was amazing, he captured the essence of Gleason perfectly. My biggest issues with the movie were two:<br/><br/>1. Jumping back in forth in time. I got lost after three different levels of flashbacks in the first 5 minutes. Why?<br/><br/>2. Completely ignored his movie career. The movie jumped from his TV work in the mid-1950&#39;s to a TV interview in the 90&#39;s (probably supposed to be his &quot;60 Minutes&quot; interview in 1991). Why? I hope CBS is not so crass that they mainly wanted to present him in ways having to do with his appearances on CBS! That would be amazing. His movie career occupied a much larger portion of his life than his TV career. Most of us are familiar with his later silly roles, but he did some great movie roles in the 1960s: &quot;The Hustler&quot; (original), &quot;Soldier in the Rain&quot;, &quot;Papa&#39;s Delicate Condition&quot;, etc. You can check IMDB for yourself. All worth seeing.<br/><br/>On the plus side, the cinematography was excellent, and looked very good in HDTV. If you didn&#39;t see it in HD, try to next time.<br/><br/>Also Michael Chieffo gives a pretty convincing portrayal (though perhaps a little restrained) of Art Carney, in the few scenes he appears.<br/><br/>Finally, Garrett goes from young and thin to really quite chubby, in both body and face. Either an excellent job of makeup and costuming, or he gained a heck of a lot of weight for the role, or a little of both? If it was done with appliances, it was the best job I&#39;ve ever seen. Completely convincing, even viewed in HD.

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Reviewed by caa821 9

Brad Garrett was outstanding in portraying Gleason, and the director did an expert job in avoiding distractions which would have occurred if his 6&#39;8&quot;+ height had been shown in its true proportion to other cast members. <br/><br/>Jack Benny was noted as perhaps Hollywood&#39;s biggest tipper. Vincent Price and Edward G. Robinson were noted art collectors and connoisseurs, not just among entertainment persons, but the entire nation.<br/><br/>There seems often to be a tendency for famous entertainers to possess different personas in real life, and in instances like the above, even to emphasize them when in contrast to either more negative, or less attractive, characterizations in their roles.<br/><br/>Many comedians have also been reputed or shown to be somewhat different in &quot;real life.&quot; Certainly one can understand their not wanting to be funny or &quot;on&quot; all the time in their personal lives, and undoubtedly they tire of people often expecting them to be.<br/><br/>But many are simply different from the humorous presences in their performances. Arthur Godfrey, and even Will Rogers, were far from the warm figures they portrayed on-air, on-screen or other professional venues. Jerry Lewis, Johnny Carson and many others have had a sharper edge in private/offstage.<br/><br/>This storyline believably portrayed Jackie Gleason&#39;s dominating, egocentric, hard-edged sides, as well as the insecurities he always carried from a childhood far from affluent or very happy.<br/><br/>One might wish the film had included a bit more regarding his movie work, but that aside, it captured not only the Gleason character, but also the flavor of the periods in the past as his success grew to its mammoth proportion..<br/><br/>Since these films don&#39;t possess the budgets of Hollywood big-screen offerings, even where well-presented, they can fall short in authenticity and details, like conveying scenes occurring in past times, foreign locales, and the like. But this flick captures the feel of the era portrayed excellently.<br/><br/>Along with Garrett&#39;s, all the supporting characters were well-cast, with superior performances

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Reviewed by rsyung 5

As a kid growing up in the 60&#39;s, I have fond memories of watching Gleason&#39;s variety show and The Honeymooners, so it was with some interest that I watched &quot;Gleason&quot;. Brad Garrett is uncanny in his portrayal of Gleason, and most of the acting is credible, but the whole thing is somewhat of a letdown. I think successful biopics are extremely hard to pull off do you sum up a life as full as Gleason&#39;s in a mere 110 minutes? Childhood traumas of a broken family, extra marital affairs, and a long-suffering wife are brought into the mix and, along with a final reconciliation(sort-of) with a neglectful father, are somewhat pat biographical devices we&#39;ve all seen before. The high point is a scene at the CBS studios, where we see Gleason rehearsing a Honeymooner&#39;s sketch with Art Carney and Audrey Meadows. There is a spontaneity and excitement as Gleason reveals his working methods and spot-on creativity and the scene absolutely comes alive. I only wish there had been more like it.

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