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Reviewed by ctomvelu1 4

The ghost of her late boyfriend talks to Elizabeth Rohm's character through a video in this slow-moving cable movie. The boyfriend died in a car accident that may not have been an accident. Rohm's character is trying to piece together the story. Everyone thinks she's nuts, of course, and the cops think she may be responsible for his death. The movie plays out more like a soap opera episode than a ghost story, unfortunately. Rohm is just OK as the bereaved (and haunted) gal pal, and the rest of the cast is your standard generic TV-type cast. Devoted TV fans may recognize Stacey Dash playing a former girlfriend of the deceased. A truly decent character actress, Roma Maffia, is wasted as the detective on the case. The ending is a real howler, by the way.

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Reviewed by badjuju_00 3

I caught this movie this morning and was shocked by how terrible the acting was. The plot was probably mediocre, but you&#39;ll have a hard time following it due to the poor acting, cheap imaging (ie: dead boyfriend), awful delivery (Elizabeth Rohm) and just another cheesy twist. Several times I had to look at the movie information just to verify this movie was not done in 1985. At some point during the movie, I zoned out wondering if actors could get paid for such a terrible movie.<br/><br/>I&#39;m rating this movie a 3 because I just saw the worst movie ever, Vampire in Vegas and Ghost Image deserves a 3 because they did not blur images on clothing and spent more than $500 on location.

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Reviewed by mmhilbert2003 8

Although this is a low-budget film, one would never know it given such a good story with solid acting. You&#39;ll see a few familiar faces and a few news ones that play a convincing roll. I was impressed with the cinematography. Great cityscapes and good locations were chosen wisely. It is clear that the director of this film has a solid grasp of the important elements of making good films! Impressively, you won&#39;t find a cheesy &#39;canned&#39; soundtrack either. The music fits nicely with the storyline. I couldn&#39;t find any flaws that often plague low-budget movies.<br/><br/>You&#39;ll want to check this out on DVD for sure. The special features are just one more nice bonus for a good film. It also includes a video for the ending song. What could be better ?! Overall a film worth seeing. I would highly recommend this film to anyone!

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