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Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7

Marilyn&#39;s &quot;Gentlemen Prefer Blondes&quot; was one of the classic musicals of the 1950&#39;s... She comes into it looking like a winner, and leaves as one? The picture has been set fully by the tone of her personality? Her personality infuses every corner of the film as if she has even picked the scenery to work for her? <br/><br/>The movie rises above its pretext, its story, its existence as a musical, even its music, and becomes at its best a magic work, yet it is a light-hearted satire of the old adage that when a woman goes bad, men go right after her? <br/><br/>The film crowned Monroe in her position as the nation&#39;s new &#39;Love Goddess&#39; with the promise of many sparkling hits to come, and Jane Russell&#39;s career continued, with less fanfare, but very successfully for several more years? <br/><br/>The story was simple: Dorothy (Jane Russell) and Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe) work together as entertainers and are also good friends? Lorelei&#39;s millionaire fiancé Gus Esmond (Tommy Noonan) sends the girls to France, but his father (Taylor Holmes) hires a private detective, Malone (Elliott Reid) on the same boat to spy on her during the trip? When the three meet, Dorothy falls for Malone, much to the chagrin of Lorelei, who cannot understand Dorothy&#39;s indifference to men with money? <br/><br/>On board, the girls get into trouble when they meet an old playboy Francis Beckman (Charles Coburn), a diamond merchant?

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 8

Anita Loos&#39;s famous novel and play Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was done as a musical and ran for 740 performances during the 1949-1951 season. It was the breakout role in the career on Broadway for Carol Channing. But for the screen version a pair of pulchritudinous sex symbols were cast as the showgirls looking for husbands, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe.<br/><br/>Two things were done for the film, most of the Jule Styne-Leo Robin score was scrapped and two numbers written by Hoagy Carmichael and Harold Adamson were added. Retained from the original score was Bye Bye Baby, Two Little Girls from Little Rock and the famous theme of goldiggers everywhere, Diamonds are a Girl&#39;s Best Friend. <br/><br/>The second thing was to update the story from when it was originally written during the Roaring Twenties to the current Fifties. Still the two basic characters of Russell and Monroe remained the same. Both would like husbands, but Russell wants to marry for love, money would be nice though, but Monroe it&#39;s strictly mercenary. <br/><br/>The two men they have an eye on are millionaire son Tommy Noonan for Monroe and Russell has her eye on Elliott Reid. Monroe&#39;s mercenary ways nearly sink the two of them, but it all kind of works out in the end.<br/><br/>Lorelei Lee was Marilyn&#39;s breakout role as well. No big male star names are opposite here, she&#39;s only in a friendly competition with fellow sex symbol Jane Russell. Russell&#39;s contribution to the film is too often overlooked with Marilyn&#39;s legend looming over all. She more than holds her own against Marilyn and in fact unlike in some of her films, there was no friction at all with the two women.<br/><br/>I can see why Howard Hawks was attracted to this film. The women he has in his films are tough minded and more than capable of dealing in a man&#39;s world. That Jane and Marilyn are in abundance and boy do those women have a lot of abundance.<br/><br/>And in all the right places too.

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Reviewed by gftbiloxi 9

While it will never compete with the likes of SINGIN&#39; IN THE RAIN, GIGI, or MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, this 1953 confection is nonetheless a real charmer. Based on a popular Broadway show which was itself based on the famous novel by Anita Loos, GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES tells the story of two cabaret performers--blonde bombshell Loreli Lee, who is determined to marry for money, and brunette beauty Dorothy Shaw, who prefers to marry for love. When Loreli&#39;s engagement to a millionaire&#39;s son goes awry, the two set sail for Europe, and comic complications ensue. The story is traditional fluff, pure and simple, and there is nothing in the least innovative or unexpected about the film as a whole--but it is all extremely, extremely well done.<br/><br/>The score is bright, including such tunes as the famous &quot;Diamonds Are A Girl&#39;s Best Friend&quot;--and all the musical numbers are cleverly staged and filmed. The overall look of the film is also eye popping: the ladies are dressed to perfection and the color cinematography is truly joyous. The script is full of comfortable wit, director Hawks keeps it moving at a nice clip, and the cast includes such enjoyable performers as Charles Coburn, Tommy Noonan, Norma Varden, and George Winslow. But what really makes the film memorable are Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, who simply sparkle with star quality and play their with roles in a twinkle-in-the-eye style.<br/><br/>Monroe and Russell have remarkable chemistry on screen, and although neither were really singers they each had enjoyable and very distinctive singing voices; their performances are so pleasantly amusing that you can&#39;t help but smile. Both also had a way with comedy, with Monroe offering her quintessential &#39;not so dumb blonde&#39; and Russell matching her all the way as the wise-to-you brunette determined to keep Monroe out of trouble. And so well do they work together it is hard to pick a favorite between the two. Call it fluff, froth, foolish--but even jeweler Harry Winston couldn&#39;t refuse this good time, even at the risk of a diamond or two. Thoroughly enjoyable for any one still capable of a smile.<br/><br/>Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer

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