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Reviewed by kevinrustagi 10

As someone who has spent the past 4 years in Silicon Valley, this was revelatory.<br/><br/>A narrative and a sense of honesty permeate this documentary. I liked that they weren&#39;t afraid to really dig in with the material and the people. <br/><br/>I was an intern working on the iPhone 5 back in 2010, and I had no idea this company existed. But more than a specific story about the Valley, it has a lot to share with those outside technology as well. <br/><br/>It&#39;s about personal relationships, resilience, and searching after our dreams when it&#39;s hard. <br/><br/>Thank you to the filmmakers and magicians who participated in this. I can&#39;t thank you enough.<br/><br/><ul><li>kevin rustagi, 7/23/2018.</li></ul>

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Reviewed by richard-2086 10

In essence, a remarkably forensic - and incredibly entertaining - look at a more innocent time when the fledgling company, general magic, looked like they might change the world.<br/><br/>the biggest &quot;takeaway&quot; for the audience is where the young guns who slept on the office floor ended up... as leaders, instigators and innovators for life-changing mega brands of the 21st century... inc apple, android and ebay as a starter.<br/><br/>not just for students of business - general magic is a must see for those who love a great story told very well.

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Reviewed by n-64142 10

This is an amazing heartfelt film that tells the story of what happens when a group of insanely talented individuals experience a super nova failure and the powerful results thereafter. It&#39;s a cautionary tale for aspiring entrepreneurs, an inspiring story of dreaming big, and a human story of understanding what it&#39;s like to push against the edges of what&#39;s possible.<br/><br/>Visually it beautifully weaves together historical footage with intimate interviews and mesmerizing drone footage.<br/><br/>Highly recommend this film for anyone who&#39;s ever dreamed big, for those who want to know what the other side of failure looks like, and for everyone who loves a well told and heart felt story.

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