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Reviewed by pensacolacomputer 10

To the person who wrote the &quot;Child Abuse&quot; review- You start off trying to quote what was said in the documentary, and you failed miserably. Obviously you were only trying to hear and see what you wanted to, not what was actually said in the film, or you were just flat out lying, or maybe a combo of both. That is what is sad, not this documentary. Being a gay parent is even tougher than it normally is. You have to deal with so many more obstacles. Think about it.<br/><br/>The kids seem a lot more grown up because they have to deal with grown up topics from an early age. And it seems to be going just fine! We can all, gay or straight, take something away from this documentary. Just go in with an open mind...and an open heart. To properly quote the film: &quot;Love is what makes a family, a family.&quot;

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Reviewed by richard-lutz-30782 8

Much of the film consists of the day-to-day domestic activities of same-sex parents and their children, which does not make for riveting drama, but the vibrant personalities of the children (who are the main focus) and the loving attention to the detail of their lives keeps it afloat.<br/><br/>The purpose of the film is to help normalize same-sex parent families (thus the push to have it shown in schools), and let us hope more such films follow that help normalize polygamous families and incestuous families with two or more closely related adult partners like two sisters.

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