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Reviewed by bettycjung 7

10/11/17. Considering that this documentary was made close to 40 years ago (1978), in retrospect, can be considered quite radical for the time. The film-maker offered people participating and viewing the gay parades of 1977 the opportunity to voice their feelings and thoughts about being gay, homosexuality, gender roles, coming out, being in the closet, etc. It's worth keeping in mind that this was made BEFORE AIDS made its debut in 1982, and then everything changed. So, in a way, the late '70s was a period of innocence for those who were coming into their own and being able to share their lives in a very open and honest way. This is worth watching for its historical value in documenting a segment of society that continues to struggle for rights denied them because of their sexuality.

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Reviewed by mehoknicks 7

"Gay USA" is not so much an innovative film, as a passionate statement of pride in US citizens gaining same sex civil rights, in a time of social/ religious intolerance toward sexual difference. Even so, I concern that in 2020 other countries may not individuate their same sex culture, as North America now models this via an unassailable media.

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Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1

Identity politics at it&#39;s worst.<br/><br/>It&#39;s basically a series of exceedingly boring clips shot with hand held super 8 cameras that will make you fall to sleep.<br/><br/>It&#39;s all identity politics which just keeps the nation divided.

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