Gastor Almonte: Immigrant Made


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Reviewed by ice_lover 10

Immigrant Made has wonderful storytelling that will have you in tears.

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Reviewed by oliverpower-980-540820 8

As low a number of reviews on IMDb this guy has I gave it a chance on prime video and it was pretty good. The title Implies political comedy but this comedy mostly just talks about cultural differences and personal insight which I found pretty enjoyable. Whilst not mainstream, Gastor gives an enjoyable set not worth passing over if you think you've seen all good comedy specials. I wouldn't consider this anything exceptional but I would consider worth a watch if your looking for a good hour of stand up to kill.

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Reviewed by castcire 10

Really well done album. I was so excited to get my copy. I followed him from the beginning and I ask myself every time how is he gonna top this and boom ?? he does it again. Kudos to you my guy. I'm happy to share this experience.

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