From the Ground


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Reviewed by Mary_1414 7

Based in beautiful Devon in the UK this low budget film is worth a watch. The young actors put on a good performance. It is intriguing. A story with layers and good pacing.

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Reviewed by behindthecurtainworkshops 5

This is a project which has great potential. As on paper it has all the makings of a winning project. (Interesting plot, well written script, handful of good performances and understanding of central themes)However, as with the majority of indie productions evident constraints on budget has sadly effected the production.It is true that From the Ground will not be winning any awards for sound editing and camerawork. Yet at its heart there is a story worth telling and some good performances from the adult cast members. This was a project which was clearly made with passion and a considerable amount of effort and for that reason it should be applauded.

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Reviewed by andrew_james10 1

I must pay more attention. Wanted to watch a horror movie and an IMDB score of 8 is very high for this genre. Having watched it, I thought I better give it the review it deserves, only to discover that the score of eight was from ONE user review. This film now has a score of 4.5 due to the awful acting, the monotonous length of time some simple scenes took and the senseless non story. The other reviewer call it an indie movie. I'm not sure what I'd call it. Oh yeah. Crap.

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