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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7

The movie concerns on Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman), an unorthodox New York narcotics cop investigating the flow of drug that follows the trail of the French connection . He travels to Marsaille following the foreign connection and tries to track down the eluded evil Alain Charnier (Fernando Rey) , the smuggling ring chief , who escaped from N.Y.C. There , he joins forces to the French gendarmes (Bernard Fresson and Jean Pierre Castaldi , among others) to hunt down the ringleader . Then , Popeye getaways his French escorts and goes himself into action .<br/><br/>The picture is the follow-up to ¨French Connection¨(by William Friedkin) but didn&#39;t achieved the same success and was a flop at box office . However , being , nowadays , considered a very good film and highly rated . In the movie there is action , suspense , violence , intrigue and a little bit of humor in charge of Popeye Doyle , as he begins to find himself as a fish out of water in France and particularly on his relationships with the French people . The film develops a certain social critical to the French habits and there&#39;s specially a banter to the Police called Gendarmerie . The motion picture has action-packed but in the intervening period when the starring ends up being abducted by Alain Charnier&#39;s henchmen , it results to be a little bit boring , with overlong scenes ; besides , quite disagreeable as Popeye is injected heroin . Gene Hackman&#39;s interpretation as the rebel and nonconformist Popeye Doyle is top-notch as well as the previous film that&#39;s why he gained deservedly an Academy Award . Fernando Rey repeats perfectly his role as the elegant and cunning nasty and the secondary casting formed by French actors are very fine . The picture was stunningly directed by John Frankenheimer. Rating : Very good and well worth watching.

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Reviewed by Framescourer 7

An outstanding sequel to Friedkin&#39;s celebrated original. Hackman&#39;s &#39;Popeye&#39; Doyle continues his pursuit of Fernando Rey&#39;s drug lord Charnier in the latter&#39;s native France. Shot on location in Marseille, the film often has a feeling of latter-day spaghetti (onion?!) western with long spans of impenetrable, untitled French. Doyle&#39;s attempts to integrate himself personally and professionally into this alien town are as well handled as anything in the film.<br/><br/>The film deals in obsession and addiction. Just as the last film closes with Doyle abandoning reason to continue his pursuit, so this one develops this theme. Gene Hackman&#39;s bitter, awkward, tough-but-pitiful performance is the stuff of an Oscar winner who doesn&#39;t even know how to spell complacency.<br/><br/>John Frankenheimer does an almost impossible job very well in following Friedkin&#39;s visual temperament in support of Hackman. Marseille is filmed ruthlessly, grimy and crumbling. There is a great deal of hand-held work, culminating in extraordinary but judiciously used PoV shots in the final, remarkable chase. It&#39;s also an economical film, using unscripted action to advance the narrative. Artfully real but uncontrived, it&#39;s a very grown-up action thriller. 8/10

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Reviewed by Brian Soto 8

The French Connection and its sequel are the Grandfather to such classics as To Live and Die in L.A., Copland, and Narc, and the anti-thesis of all of those 80&#39;s flops either far too &quot;Hollywood&quot; or far too &quot;by the book&quot;. Hackman is still the &quot;knock down, drag out&quot;, shoot first ask later 2-fisted narc that doesn&#39;t know what Miranda means that he was in part I, but with a change of scenery that takes him across the pond. The terrain has changed, but the raw unadulterated character acting of Hackman still makes it one hell of a roller coaster ride.<br/><br/>Rife with dirty cops, drug smugglers, and French thugs, this movies direction and writing reminds instantly that it is part of the production catalyst that would later see series like The Shield have such success in prime time TV. The 70&#39;s rarely pulled punches when it came to top billed cop movies, starting with Dirty Harry, the original French Connection and then snowballing into classics like Serpico. The French Connection II is no exception. This movie won&#39;t disappoint any fan of either the original, or anyone that wanted to see for themselves Gene Hackman carrying a lead action role almost through the screen.

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