Frank vs. God


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by Lxvpsu44 10

Movie Trailers are suppose to grab your attention & reel the potential audience in! Frank vs God does just that! There's a story. You want to hear & experience the story. It's also nice to see a movie with a Florida backdrop. The film has a very diverse engaging cast. Henry Ian Cusick delivers as Frank--Comfortable performance. The writers: thoughtful, professional and clever. It's always great to get LOST in a movie and catch yourself with a fixed smile at times along with getting the " thinking wheels turning. " Frank vs God is a very interesting film! 2 thumbs up and great movie/story for a wide range of people. I look forward to seeing it in the future on DVD.

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Reviewed by musicalyogi 10

One of the best films I've seen in a long time. Frank v God is both an Indy film and a Popular one rolled into one. It's funny, heartfelt but not over the top, and always with a dose of poetic irony that gives the plot a nice thick depth. Frank as a character is played wonderfully, and the supporting cast is also strong. The inter-religious context is one of the most hilariously played parts, yet the film is so philosophical, I almost blush that people could see the film and not leave changed. The cinematography is nicely done, with exciting action shots and scenes, and provide entertainment for many of the various demographics (men who like action, women who like drama and romance, film buffs who enjoy interesting plot twists and stunning dialog, etc.). I hope to get a copy of the film after it is released.

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Reviewed by aer71367-313-155069 8

A great film about a man that questions God after his home is destroyed in a tornado. This magical film will take you along for ride as one man tries to find out who God is. Filled with laughs and some real insight from many religious viewpoints. Frank vs. God is definitely a film everyone should see. Maybe it won't change your mind about God, but it will change your heart about God.

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