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Reviewed by aldo-64339 9

Firstly, ignore the bad reviews.<br/><br/>This movie is a solid thriller. Great acting and interesting idea. It will keep you guessing until the end.<br/><br/>You could do a lot worse than watch this on Netflix.<br/><br/>Recommended.

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Reviewed by Otkon 7

Nothing ground-breaking. But well-acted, especially by Sam Worthington, who so often is the wet paper bag in a film. Not this time. He&#39;s very convincing. And the supporting cast sells the highly ambiguous nature of the plot. The canine actor was very good - menacing in a subdued but pivotal cameo.<br/><br/>The plot is crafty and holds its dubiousness right til the end. The music works well for the genre. The cinematography is top-notch with lots of proper lighting.<br/><br/>I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

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Reviewed by MovieQween-33622 6

I wanted to like this but the ending wasn&#39;t strong enough for me. I think that&#39;s what it came down to. The movie didn&#39;t come full circle enough for me and it felt like the ending wasn&#39;t really complete. I found myself getting kind of bored throughout. Sam worthington is likable but there wasn&#39;t enough twists for me. Everything was kind of meh.

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