Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America


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Reviewed by BlobbyLight 1

Please. You broke the law. You knew you were breaking the law. And you continue to break the law. Now that its all catching up to you you want to cry foul?! Please.. cry me a river.<br/><br/>Moises and family should be deported. End of. The same as anyone and everyone else, regardless of ethnicity or country of origin, who entered illegally. The same as it is in literally EVERY country, including Mexico, around the world.<br/><br/>The fact that youre Mexican and gay means absolutely nothing. These rules apply to EVERYONE. Including US citizens merely trying to bring husbands, wives, kids, family etc. to America, from any and all countries, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference etc.!<br/><br/>Follow the guidelines and laws, take the proper steps to immigrate and eventually you&#39;ll receive what you seek. That is, unless there are nefarious reasons why you should not be allowed to immigrate? In which case that is on you.<br/><br/>This film is nothing more than a pity party for criminals.. and a bad one at that! Fail.

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