For We Are Many


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Reviewed by moviemac-73936 8

Being a collection of works from many varied filmmakers gives us a film with many varied styles; most work for me, few do not... short stories often feel like someone just clipped the climax of a feature length film and showed me just that part, which feels unfulfilling... there are some, more than half of these, that I would love to see fleshed out into a full length film... some of the chapters go by very quick too; like the demon boys eating the homeless guy, I don&#39;t even think it was 2 or 3 minutes... many have gore and blood, few have jump scares, a couple are outright unnerving; there&#39;s a ghostly moan in one (no spoilers) that I could have gone all my life without hearing, but it&#39;s in my nightmares now...<br/><br/>These would be just a taste of what the filmmakers can do, and it is worth watching...

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Reviewed by aldiboronti 1

The scariest thing about this anthology is that anyone would think it worth presenting to fans of horror. So what&#39;s so bad about it? I&#39;m glad you asked. The writing is bad,, the effects are bad, the acting is bad, the direction is bad. All of it is bad, bad, bad. Not a single decent segment in the whole film and I persevered until the bitter end thinking there must surely be something worthwhile. There isn&#39;t. Seriously you could go on Youtube right now and find real quality horror, a thousand times superior to this rubbish.

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Reviewed by agorgedslug 10

Lately I&#39;ve been forcing myself to go into movies with absolutely zero expectations. This view surprisingly has paid off on more than one occasion. With such a rich texture of cinematic styles from the four corners there is something in this film for everyone - even if they don&#39;t enjoy every segment, there is bound to be one that appeals to their particular sensibilities (or lack thereof).I&#39;ve never been a fan of demonic material as most people seldom understand its roots or real-world implications. But biblical inaccuracies aside, it is still a thrill a minute romp that doesn&#39;t let up from the opening credits to the final chord.Definitely deserves better than its score, which is weird because most of the users reviews are pretty good.

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