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Reviewed by plaidpotato 10

I saw this film at the Silent Movie Theater when I was in Los Angeles last summer. It was my first Lloyd. Three quarters of the film was as funny as any Buster Keaton film I&#39;ve ever seen, and funnier than any Chaplin. I tend to be more of a smiler than a laugh-out-louder, but the first chase scene in this film gave me abdominal cramps. It brought the house down. I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve ever heard such raucous laughter in a movie theater before. It was a great, great chase scene. And it was a great experience being in a theater packed with people, even little kids, fully enjoying a 75+ year old film.<br/><br/>I&#39;ve since seen two more Lloyd features, Hot Water and Speedy, but For Heaven&#39;s Sake is my favorite so far. If it weren&#39;t for a long and kinda unfunny sequence toward the late middle of the film, with Harold herding a pack of drunks, it would probably be my favorite silent comedy, period--my current favorite is Keaton&#39;s The Cameraman, incidentally.<br/><br/>The announcer guy at the theater claimed the print of For Heaven&#39;s Sake they were screening was the only one in existence. I don&#39;t know if it was an original nitrate print or what. I think I remember that it looked fairly pristine. I hope the film makes it to DVD soon, lest something unfortunate happen to the print, especially if they&#39;re going to take chances screening it publicly.

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Reviewed by Ron Oliver 10

Uptown millionaire J. Harold Manners leads a life insulated by his immense wealth until he meets a very pretty young lady working with her father in a Downtown skid row mission.<br/><br/>Comic genius Harold Lloyd had another tremendous success with FOR HEAVEN&#39;S SAKE, a silent film very simple of plot but wildly delirious in terms of hilarious detail &amp; inspiration. Harold had the enviable knack of making an audience like him immediately and empathize with his tribulations. They entered into and became a part of his gags, watching them build and grow, until the final explosion of laughter and the immediate start of his next comedic onslaught.<br/><br/>Here, Harold has two of his finest sequences, two very different extended chases which illustrate his visual wizardry and perfect timing. In the first, Harold infuriates a growing crowd of enraged hoodlums, crooks and ne&#39;er-do-wells into chasing him into the mission, so as to please the sweet young lady. In the second, which climaxes the movie, Harold races to his own delayed wedding, through crowded New York streets (actually filmed in Los Angeles), while shepherding five very friendly and extremely intoxicated bums, culminating in a wild ride atop a runaway double-decker bus. Through it all, Harold exhibits his magnificent athletic ability, putting himself in real danger, a self-imposed peril made even more remarkable by the fact that he was missing half of his right hand.<br/><br/>The production values in the film are absolutely first rate, even down to casting the ?faces,&#39; wistful &amp; careworn, seen in the mission scenes. The logistics involved in filming the action sequences on actual city streets, involving crowds of extras and split-second precision timing for the stunts, is beyond merely impressive. Lloyd, who fathered the idea, put the film through five previews until he was sure he had it perfect.<br/><br/>Jobyna Ralston once again amply fills the role of the girl of Harold&#39;s dreams. Diminutive Paul Weigel exudes saintly goodness as her father. Noah Young brings bullish bluster to his role of a tough gangster tamed by Mr. Lloyd.<br/><br/>Robert Israel has composed an excellent film score which perfectly complements Harold&#39;s antics on the screen.

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Reviewed by kidboots 10

Six months ago I had barely seen a Harold LLoyd feature (except &quot;The Kid Brother&quot; 35 years ago) - now I know that whenever I feel down I can put on a Harold Lloyd movie and laugh myself silly from start to finish!! It is such a comforting feeling. This is not a typical Harold Lloyd comedy and I was a bit concerned initially - instead of the poor boy who makes good or the eager, hopeful go-getter who by the film&#39;s end is everyone&#39;s hero, this movie has Lloyd as J. Harold Manners, an idle rich boy who accidentally becomes the patron of a mission for down and outs.<br/><br/>There are two fantastic chases in this movie - the first where Harold pledges to get the &quot;Pool Hall Boys&quot; to the Mission -he does (and a whole lot of other thugs as well) and by the time the police arrive they are all singing hymns and liking it!!! The other one is reminiscent of the hilarious chase in &quot;Girl Shy&quot; - in this chase he has been kidnapped by his well meaning rich friends, his &quot;pool room&quot; mates find him and then he has the job of getting himself and his inebriated friends to the church on time.<br/><br/>Jobyna Ralston, as Hope, can&#39;t be over-estimated. Even though her role is usually &quot;the girl&quot;, either rich girl, poor girl or working girl, she compliments Harold Lloyd so much and brings so much to his movies on her own, it would be hard for me to imagine any other actress in the role. Noah Young also adds immensely to the laughs as the leader of the thugs. And three cheers for the wonderful Robert Israel and his Orchestra - if only he could score the music for all the silent movies that are available.<br/><br/>Highly, Highly Recommended.

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