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Reviewed by cwfrauman-716-721058 3

Where do I begin? There's the found footage angle that is so played out. The only justification for using it these days is if the director is able to come up with a new way to put it good use (e.g. Chronicle, Cloverfield, etc.) otherwise it's plain distracting and a nuisance. Or a cheap gimmick. Followed (2015), starring nobody memorable, directed by M. J. Anderson and written by Casey Cambell, both newcomers who have a long climb ahead of them if they plan on making something remotely original have strung together 83 minutes of suspenseful narrative and uneven dialogue that keeps building and building but goes absolutely nowhere. The final plot twist, the only plot twist, is as unsatisfying as they come these days. It's hard to tell where all the praise for this movie comes from. All I know is that after watching this movie I felt utterly bewildered and confused. It was so bad that had I seen it in theatres I would have demanded they give me my money back. Actually, I would be the one leaving the theatre in a frenzy while muttering curse words under my breath.

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Reviewed by theoceaneer 6

I really like found footage movies, so I&#39;ll add my usual caveat here: if you do not like found footage movies, this is a pass. Otherwise, soldier on!<br/><br/>&quot;Followed&quot; breaks one of my cardinal rules of writing -- the entire movie hinges on one of the characters being a moron. And not in the &quot;Let&#39;s go see what that noise was!&quot; sense, but rather, this character has a long, intricate plan that is completely and utterly stupid. I can&#39;t even think of an example outside of an &quot;Airplane&quot; movie of a plan so totally, inexplicably stupid. Perhaps the character was dropped on his head as a child, in which case they should probably have explained that in the film.<br/><br/>Normally, this would be the death knell for a film, but &quot;Followed&quot; redeems itself with three key factors. First and foremost is the actress who plays Rachel, Stefanie Butler. She is GORGEOUS -- not just in a &quot;homina homina&quot; way, but her features and movement are so interesting that you just want to watch her. She also plays her character very close to the vest, and so a big part of watching the movie is puzzling out what is up with her. The screenplay kind of beats you over the head with &quot;clues&quot;, so it is a testament to her acting that the viewer is still curious about her.<br/><br/>The second redeeming quality of the film is the interpersonal drama that is layered on top of the &quot;horror stuff&quot;. Really, the main &quot;plot&quot; of the film (note the quotation marks) has nothing to do with the scary bits, and everything to do with the protagonist and his completely ordinary plans. Since the real &quot;plot&quot; is dumb, it&#39;s good that this interpersonal drama is there to keep the viewer engaged.<br/><br/>The third redeeming quality of &quot;Followed&quot; is the use of incidental security camera footage inter-cut with the narrative footage as a device to build tension. It can occasionally be a little &quot;Where&#39;s Waldo&quot;, but my nerves were effectively ratcheted up by the quick inter- cutting of parking lot or lobby footage. This footage, layered in with radio and TV broadcasts in the background of scenes, give the scares in &quot;Followed&quot; more oomph than, frankly, they deserve.<br/><br/>So, while the writing is dumb, for a found footage film, this one is fun to watch and has a couple of effective scares. And I can not say enough nice things about Stefanie Butler -- she is really a joy to watch, and her performance is so measured that, even when the film is beating you about the face and neck with &quot;hints&quot;, she single-handedly maintains the suspense. And, yes, she is, like, freakishly beautiful.

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Reviewed by jballesteros10 10

Really great style manner of telling the story. It was thrilling and original and the performances did well and really fit the style it was shot in. We&#39;ve seen this kind of found footage film before but this was a fresh take on it. The chemistry between the leads is great and really feeds the tension that builds through the course of the film. Music was a little heavy at times but not so much as to distract or take away from the film continuing in the direction of the narrative (figuratively and metaphorically I suppose). The ending, while not completely a surprise (although surprise was not the goal here), does a great deal with little. Definitely a must see for suspense and even horror buffs for the road-trip gone awry aspect. In a larger sense, it&#39;s a must see perhaps more for the possibilities it might inspire in other movies even outside of the genre.

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