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It starts with a voice over from protagonist Joe Anderson who sounds uncannily like Marc Warren (he of Hustle fame) and, I&#39;m afraid, I can&#39;t stand the accent. Although I loved the series, I hated his character. So with such associations still burning deep, Flutter gets off to a very poor start for me.<br/><br/>Coupled with the protagonist&#39;s disheveled/scruffy look and his &#39;job&#39; as a professional punter (and the way he goes about it is not at all how professional bettors work) it&#39;s unbelievable that the lovely Laura Fraser could ever fancy him. Well, beyond my suspension of disbelief.<br/><br/>Having said all that he plays a good part as a chavvy gambler although I doubt that&#39;s the original idea.<br/><br/>There are cameos from Billy Zane and Anton Lesser (who must be desperate for work). The femme fatale is Anna Anissimova (or Anna Schafer as she seems to be known now) who has an absolutely brilliant part but doesn&#39;t quite manage to pull it off. Whether that&#39;s her or the director, who knows but she just doesn&#39;t have the depth, menace or gravitas.<br/><br/>The plot is far from original. Most reviewers quote Cheap Thrills (although Flutter preceded it) but there are other similar storylines, too. There are several little plot holes if you watch with more than one eye, and the ending is unsatisfactory at best and a cop-out at worst.<br/><br/>So, overall disappointing and really should have been better. You mighty enjoy it, but I&#39;m not betting on it.<br/><br/>See what I did there...?

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