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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6

This movie had a lot of potential. While technically impressive and very enjoyable with some genuinely funny moments, for some reason it falls short. Of course there are redeeming qualities, such as the fun music score by Danny Elfman, one of my all time favourite film composers and an amusing turn from Robin Williams. Also the special effects are greatly improved from the effects in the Absent Minded Professor, and Flubber who is so cute steals the show. The performances from Clancy Brown, Ted Levine and Marcia Gay Horden are entertaining, and Jodi Benson (who voiced Ariel in the Little Mermaid)is a delight as the voice of Weebo, whose death is absolutely heart-rending. However the story is very predictable, and offers few surprises, and the physical comedy was better than the patchy script which in places felt uninspired. That saying some of the physical comedy has strong hints of deja vu, and is rather hit and miss. Of course kids will lap it up, but adults probably won't like it as much. The second half of the movie is more meandering in quality compared to the first half, very little of interest happens and some of the situations come across as ridiculous. All in all, somewhat forgettable, but for a kids movie it is pretty entertaining. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7

This was a fun remake of &quot;The Absent-Minded Professor,&quot; with special-effects the main show here. We see and hear the following impossible things: inanimate objects become human (with feelings, no less!) and a flying computer called &quot;Weebo.&quot; Obviously, this is just a far-off story designs only for laughs (I know one person who actually took some of this stuff seriously.)<br/><br/>Despite a bowling bowl repeatedly hitting someone in the head, it&#39;s a fairly harmless movie with no language problems, which is a rarity in a Robin Williams film. Robin is the &quot;absent- minded professor,&quot; in this &quot;Dr. Philip Brainiard.&quot; You can call him, &quot;Dr. Phil.&quot; There are one or two sneaky-vulgar lines but nothing much.<br/><br/>With the flubber-substance making balls bounce forever, into every object, you get a lot of slapstick scenes that are either stupid or laugh-out-loud funny. The story, geared a lot more for kids than adults, has a nice lighthearted feel to it. For adults, one viewing is plenty, but kids will enjoy it multiple times.

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Reviewed by Amy Adler 6

Philip (Robin Williams) is a chemistry professor at a college with financial woes. On a side note, the school&#39;s president, talented Sara Jean (Marcia Gay Harden) is Philip&#39;s girlfriend and she is deeply disappointed that he has left her standing at the altar THREE times. Yet, Philip truly loves Sara. His problem is, of course, that once he is into an experiment, he loses touch with everything else in his life. The day Philip misses his third trip up the aisle of love, he discovers something big...that is, flying rubber or flubber. Knowing this could be the invention that turns the college&#39;s ledger into the black, he is eager to tell Sara of the news. Unfortunately, she won&#39;t talk to him and is receiving the attentions of a rival chemistry prof at a nearby university. It is this rival&#39;s intention, along with a host of others connected to the school, to steal the rubbery substance for their own purposes. Will they succeed? This is a mildly entertaining film, mostly due to Williams star power and the spectacular visual effects the movie offers. Flubber, indeed, takes on a green personality not unlike the Pillsbury doughboy and bounces all over the place, causing much fun and havoc. There is also a tiny robot-computer, living with Philip, that is very appealing. Add on the eye-treat of flying cars and basketball superduper jumpshots and you have a technically impressive film. Yet, somewhere along the way, a bit of the original film&#39;s soul and joyous freshness is lost. No, its not the fault of the talented Williams, Harden, Christopher McDonald or the other cast members. They are quite fine. There are also some laugh out loud scenes, such as the one where Professor Philip starts giving a lecture, not noticing that he is in a figure drawing class, or the ones where a neighboring boy, quite rightly fears, to his father&#39;s consternation, what is outside his window when flubber is out and about. In summary, the film&#39;s problem is probably a case of trying too hard in the special effects category and not enough in the remaining aspects of film making. Even so, it is not a stretch to say that most families will like Flubber, as everyone will be amazed by the stunning look of the movie.

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