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Reviewed by MartinHafer 7

Flipped is an extraordinary film. Imagine a movie where one actress is in nearly every scene...by herself! Yet, if you are patient, the movie is well done and worth your time.<br/><br/>When the film begins, a professional model and her boyfriend have just had a horrible accident in her car and they&#39;re stuck in a huge ditch in the middle of no where...and well off the highway. You have no idea how this happened but you can tell the woman is in dire need of help. She is upside down and wedged into her seat and cannot get out of the car. As for the boyfriend, he appears dead or nearly dead and cannot give her any help. Things only get worse when she awakens, as she finds that her cell phone is broken and won&#39;t dial correctly...and several buttons don&#39;t work. She cannot dial the 911 number for the police and instead tries dialing using the working numbers. So, she randomly dials....hoping to find someone who is willing and able to help. One person is willing to listen and seems ready to help. However, through the course of the film, he becomes increasingly hostile and nasty. In fact, he later seems threatening and malevolent. Will help arrive before this strange, disembodied voice at the other end of the phone line arrives to do God knows what?!<br/><br/>As I watched this film, several things struck me. First, the film is amazingly claustrophobic and odd, as almost the entire movie has this poor actress upside down...carrying the entire film on her own aside from the occasional voice of the weird guy on the phone. It&#39;s a strange and experimental sort of film that must have been hellishly difficult and I give Stella Maeve kudos for being willing and able to act in such a difficult situation. Likewise, filmmaker Harris Demel was able to do something amazing...to keep the film interesting even though most every shot is of the main character stuck upside down in her wrecked car! The problem, however, is that some folks might not want to see a strange film like this...so it might be a bit of a hard sell. Second, there seem to be several inconsistencies through the movie and I thought they might be plot holes. Well, by the very end of the production, I realized that there were legitimate reasons for all this....so you just need to watch this film without worrying about details that might seem poorly worked out...as it all does make sense by the end. Overall, this movie uses its low budget exceptionally well and is worth seeing...just be patient and you&#39;ll be amply rewarded.

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Reviewed by ericabeth82 9

What I enjoyed most about this film was that I didn&#39;t know what was coming. I am the type of person that can guess any ending to a movie and my mind was blown and mouth had dropped. The suspense kept you on your feet wanting to know what was going to happen. Would she be saved? Who was this mysterious man on the other end of her self phone. The best part was that the group I went with left talking about the film. Discussing what happened and what we all felt about the different aspects of the film. Those are my favorite kinds of movies and this one definitely didn&#39;t disappoint. I wasn&#39;t familiar with all of the actors prior to the film, but felt the acting was believable, especially Stella. You could really feel what was going on in Stella&#39;s mind and wanted to help her get out of the car and to safety. Overall, I really enjoyed this film.

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Reviewed by riporeilly 9

What can I say? This movie starts out like it&#39;s going to be a &quot;chick flick&quot; romance type of movie. It starts with a couple of known actors in a café for lunch, (They even sign an autograph or 2) But after they get into her car the movie takes a definite turn as somehow... they wind up upside down crashed and near helpless. Michael Madsen provides the perfect voice as the &quot;bad guy&quot; as the film becomes a psychological battle between the Madsen character and the actress played by Stella Maeve. This is certainly a movie of which type I&#39;ve never seen before. Definitely a movie to watch. Enjoy it by yourself or with a group but very hard to predict how the movie will end.

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